Postdoc positions in the medical image analysis group

Friday 5th April 2019

Shenzhen University

Research area related but not limited to the following:
1. Medical image analysis
2. Big medical data analysis
3. Imaging genomics 
4. Bioinformatics
5. Ultrasound image analysis for obstetrics and gynecology
6. Computer-aided diagnosis
7. Brain imaging research
8. Machine learning and pattern recognition
9. Computer vision and deep learning
The medical image analysis group at School of Biomedical Engineering, Shenzhen University has many openings for Postdoctoral Fellows with the background of The Fellow will be jointly trained with other prestigious groups all over the world. The medical image analysis group at Shenzhen University has published many works on the journals of IEEE TMI, Medical Image Analysis, Radiology, Human Brain Mapping, etc. We are trying to build up a strong academia environment to assist Postdoctoral Fellows sharpen their profiles in the field of medical image analysis. Meanwhile, Shenzhen City is the one of largest biomedical industrial hub in China and is a very good incubation place for the translation of the research outcomes to industrial products. Therefore, there will be many opportunities for the Postdoctoral Fellows to build up their career in either academia or industrial path.

Requirement for applicants:
1. Obtain PhD within 5 years
2. Age under 35
3. PhD dissertation subject relates to the research area listed above

Salary and benefit:
1. Yearly salary is around 39,130~50,721 USD/year (net income after tax);
2. The Fellow will be eligible to apply a 2-year research funding with package around 600,000 RMB (89,862 USD) to support his/her own research;
3. 300,000 RMB financial aid for research for those who will work after in Shenzhen after the postdoc research period from Shenzhen government; 1,600,000 RMB from Shenzhen government in housing for those who satisfies the condition of potential leading scholars in Shenzhen;
4. Whose spouse and children can move to Shenzhen;
5. Preferential support in applying various founds, e.g., Yong-researcher Funds, Natural Science Foundation of China, Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province, China Postdoc Funds, Shenzhen Basic Reach Grants (highest 500, 000 RMB).

To apply, e-mail Baying Lei,