Doctoral Candidate and Master’s Thesis Positions in Medical Image Analysis

Saturday 18th May 2019

Aalto University

A fully funded PhD position and a M.Sc. thesis position are available at the Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland) in medical/biomedical image analysis.

We welcome candidates with background in any of the following fields: medical image analysis, computer vision, machine/deep learning, computational microscopy, data science and statistics, radiomics, etc.


The candidates will have the opportunity to collaborate with medical research groups (e.g. Helsinki University Hospital, Turku University Hospital) and industrial partners (e.g. MVision AI), which will provide them access to large real-world clinical and research datasets.

Some potential research areas are:

* Cancer screening and diagnosis: e.g. detecting/segmenting lesions/tumors from CT/MRI/digital pathology slides, and grading cancers. Comparing performance of automated solutions to the current clinical workflows.

* Image segmentation: Lesions/tumours from CT/MR/digital pathology slides, organs-at-risk from CT/MR/CBCT, cells/nuclei from digital pathology slides and various live-cell microscopy techniques, etc. Developing methods for estimating the quality of automated results, reducing the time/effort required for manual verification/corrections, etc.

* Medical image translation: e.g. Synthetic CT generation from MR for MR-based radiotherapy and its applications for data augmentation and domain adaptation.

The specific topic of the research will be chosen together with the candidate to match his/her interest.


Supervisors and contacts:

* Saad Ullah Akram, Visiting Postdoc at Department of Computer Science, Aalto University, Chief Scientific Officer at MVision AI,

* Juho Kannala, Assistant Professor of Computer Vision, Department of Computer Science at Aalto University. Email:, Tel:+358503537744.

Interested applicants should email their CV and transcript of university course grades to Saad Ullah Akram ( by June 6, 2019. PhD candidates are also encouraged to provide the contact information of 2 references. The review of applications will be done on a rolling basis, so early submissions are strongly encouraged.

Organization Aalto University
Location Helsinki, Finland
Title Doctoral Candidate and Master’s Thesis Positions in Medical Image Analysis