Postdoctoral Positions in Neurology & Neurosurgery and BME

Sunday 25th August 2019

Montreal Neurological Institute (McGill U)

We are seeking two postdoctoral fellows to work with an integrated team to develop software tools for image guided neurosurgery of brain and spine.

BRAIN SURGERY (1 PDF): For patients with brain tumours, the extent of surgical resection has been demonstrated to be a significant independent factor for good prognosis. Unfortunately, studies have found residual tumour in up to 82% of cases, reducing survival. The candidate will develop tools to integrate data from multiple sensors and multiple algorithms to improve patient-to-image alignment and tissue identification to enable accurate and robust guidance throughout surgery and thus enable more complete resections. Projects include research on multi-modal image registration and pathology segmentation, tumour identification from MR spectroscopy, augmented reality visualization in surgery and clinical evaluation.
SPINE SURGERY (1 PDF): Each year more than 28,000 Canadians are treated surgically for lower back pain. Many of these cases require instrumentation with pedicle screws, which requires some form of X-ray imaging like fluoroscopy or intra-operative CT thus exposing patients and operating room personnel to significant amounts of harmful radiation. The candidate will develop, adapt and clinically test a new intra-operative ultrasound-based navigation system for spine surgery that is an inexpensive, radiation-free alternative to intra-operative X-ray imaging for instrumented lumbar spinal fusion and decompressions. Projects include structure segmentation, registration, augmented reality visualization and clinical evaluation.

Requirements: The successful candidates will work with a team of engineers, computer scientists and clinicians in an open-software environment, integrating new tools into our publicly available IBIS neuronavigation software platform ( (Salaries - PDF: unionized position at $55k/year for 2 years, funded by NSERC+CIHR). Candidates should have strong analytical and programming skills (C, C++, Python), ability to work independently, good communication skills and have research experience in computational image analysis methods. Experience with ITK and/or 3DSlicer is a plus.

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Organization Montreal Neurological Institute (McGill U)
Location Montreal (Canada)
Title Postdoctoral Positions in Neurology & Neurosurgery and BME