Fulltime Researcher in Medical Image Analysis

Thursday 12th September 2019


SenseTime is a global company focused on developing innovative AI technologies that positively contribute to economies, society and humanity. We have made a number of technological breakthroughs, one of which is the first ever computer system in the world to achieve higher detection accuracy than the human eye. With our roots in the academic world, we invest in fundamental research to further our understanding and advance the state of art in AI technology. We are a global team of talented individuals with over half dedicated to research and development activities. This has made us a leading global AI algorithm provider and one of the most prolific contributors of related papers in the research community. The deep learning and computer vision technologies we have developed are already powering industries such as education, healthcare, smart city, automotive, communications and entertainment. Today, our technologies are trusted by over 700 customers and partners around the world to help address real world challenges. Going forward, we strive to empower more industries with our AI platform and build a stronger AI ecosystem together with industry and academia.

1.Design state of art algorithm in medical imaging using deep learning or machine learning, especially in multimodality imaging for oncology, orthopedics, cardiovascular imaging and cerebrovascular diseases.
2.Develop prototypes in Python and Pytorch/Tensorflow, train, validate and test in Linux based multiple GPU clusters.
3.Implement and deploy the designed algorithms and prototypes in offline GPU servers using C++ or Python in hospital environments.
4.Communicate with radiologists or clinicians for clinical workflow need and requirements, solve real world problems related to medical imaging.

1.Expertise in Python and Pytorch or Tensorflow, with extensive programming experience using deep learning in medical imaging or computer vision.
2.Familiar with detection, segmentation and generative models in deep learning
3.Ph.D. or master in computer science, Engineering, mathematics or physics
4.Familiar with DICOM and preprocessing of 3D medical images
5.Publications in MICCAI, IEEE Medical Imaging or other related conferences/journals a PLUS.




Beijing/Shanghai, China


Fulltime Researcher in Medical Image Analysis