Research Associate (University of Wisconsin)

Thursday 6th August 2020

Postdoctoral positions are available for large-scale network modeling project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison immediately. The postdoctoral fellow will work with professor Moo K. Chung ( and professor Hernando Ombao ( on developing new innovative computational, statistical and machine learning methods for large-scale brain networks obtained from fMRI, MRI and DTI. Candidates should have received or expected to receive PhD degree or equivalent in mathematics, CS, EE, statistics, medial physics, biomedical engineering, psychology, neuroscience or related areas. Previous neuroimaging research experience is a plus but not necessary. The candidates are expected to have emerging tract records of publishing in journals and conferences, strong analytic and writing skills and capable of working within a collaborative environment. Expertise in the following areas would be useful: large-scale computation (including matrices), dynamic models (including time series), topological data analysis (TDA), deep learning. Interested candidates should email CV (with the name of references) and a representative paper to Moo K. Chung ( There is no closing date and we are hiring continuously. Two representative papers from our group showing the current research interest: Huang et al. IEEE TMI 2020 (, Chung et al. 2019 Network Neuroscience (

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Title Research Associate
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