Postdoctoral Researcher (University of Melbourne)

Monday 14th September 2020


The objective of the Breast Cancer AI project (BRAIx) is to:

“Better use mammography to prevent women dying from breast cancer in a way that improves detection, lowers harms, reduces costs, causes less stress and can be quickly put into practice”.

Are you driven by a sense of purpose? Do you want to improve breast cancer outcomes by working with leading researchers in the fields of cancer screening, medical imaging, artificial intelligence, and data science?

We are seeking a motivated and successful postdoctoral researcher to manage an independent project in deep learning for medical imaging, developing new computational methods and software for the detection of breast cancer in mammogram images from a population screening program.

Apply here:

Organization St. Vincent's Institute/University of Adelaide/University of Melbourne
Location Melbourne, Australia
Title Postdoctoral Researcher
Email Address