Research Fellow in Deep Learning

Wednesday 23rd September 2020

Closing date: 19 October 2020

Join our team! We are looking for a Research Fellow to join the Research Centre for Optimal Health, School of Life Sciences, University of Westminster, and work on an ambitious research project starting 01 Nov 2020.

You will join an ongoing research project that focuses on the development and application of novel image processing techniques to large collections of clinical MRI data and using those derived measures for modeling of health, disease and aging in the UK Biobank.  

As a key member of a multidisciplinary team, led by Professor Jimmy Bell and Dr Brandon Whitcher, you will be involved in a variety of projects to create new imaging biomarkers and expand the utility of these biomarkers to the entire UK Biobank population. The combination of the latest datasets, such as metabolomics and primary care data, with the rich collection of imaging and non-imaging measurements will be used to answer scientific questions of interest. You will manage your own academic research, coordinate both internally and externally with collaborators, and produce manuscripts for submission to leading scientific journals.  

To be successful a candidate must be highly motivated and have an advanced degree (MSc or PhD) in computer science, electrical or biomedical engineering, physics, statistics or related fields.  

* Previous experience with machine learning or neural networks applied to large, unstructured collections of data is preferred.
* Experience programming in Python is preferred. Knowledge of MATLAB and/or R is a plus.  
* Previous experience with research focusing on biomedical image and signal processing, medical image computing or magnetic resonance imaging is advantageous but not required.  
* Experience with software development practices (version control, unit testing, CI/CD) and cloud-based computing environments is a plus. 

Organization University of Westminster
Location London, United Kingdom
Title Research Fellow in Deep Learning
Email Address