Senior Scientist for Neuroimaging Analysis (YIWEI Medical Technology Co,. Ltd, Shenzhen)

Tuesday 20th October 2020

World's leading AI Company for brain imaging is recruiting brain imaging scientists. With the team’s strong background in scientific research and medical industry, it focuses on the precise assessment and diagnosis of various brain diseases by using advanced medical imaging techniques. We accepted part-time applications. 
• Professional in imaging data analysis in structural MRI, Diffusion MRI, DTI, SWI (QSM), fMRI et al. 
• Knowledge of neurodegeneration diseases, neurovascular diseases et al,. 
• Responsible for the project of analysis algorithm design for MR image
• Build the pipeline for imaging algorithm and coding technical support for the imaging analysis product of company 
• Corresponding technical documents writing
Required Qualifications:
• Advanced knowledge of MR imaging 
• Familiar with central nervous system 
• Familiar with radiological image quality metrics
• Familiar with processing tools such as SPM,FSL,3D slicer, Radiant, ITK, VTK for radiological image
• Strong programming skills in languages such as Python, C++ , MATLAB
Preferred Qualifications:
• Good written and verbal communication skills
• Ability to work both independently and collaboratively on assigned projects
Minimum Education
• Ph.D. in biomedical engineering, medical physics, neurology, computer sciences or related scientific field required.
Minimum Experience
• One (1) year's research or work experience in medical image analysis is required.

Please send your CV to 
Dr. Xiao,
Ms. Liu,

Organization YIWEI Medical Technology Co,. Ltd
Location USA
Title Senior Scientist for Neuroimaging Analysis
Email Address