PhD/Postdoc in MRI Data Analysis with or without Deep Learning (University of Montreal)

Saturday 28th November 2020

At the NeuroPoly lab at Polytechnique & Université de Montréal (, best student-city in the world! (, we develop advanced MRI image analysis techniques using deep learning and distribute them as open-source software. In collaboration with neuroradiologists and world experts in deep learning (Mila), we apply these tools in patients with traumatic injury and neurodegenative diseases (multiple sclerosis, ALS, etc.).

We are recruiting Master/PhD students and Postdoc fellows to work on various projects:
- Multiple sclerosis (MS) lesion segmentation on MRI
- Segmentation of axons and myelin from histology
- Pipelines for processing large neuroimaging datasets
- Realtime shimming with MRI

What profile are we looking for?
- Strong coding skills in Python, use of git/GitHub
- Passion for open-source software, data science and knowledge sharing ❤️
- Experience in data science, computer vision and medical imaging is an asset

What do you gain joining our team?
- Join an environment that fosters autonomy, passion and creativity;
- Get the opportunity to take leadership in open-source projects with strong impact in the medical field;
- You will gain highly relevant expertise on bleeding edge technologies (MRI physics, computer vision, A.I., deep learning, etc.)
- You will interact with radiologists and neurosurgeons who will apply these techniques
- You will collaborate with top institutions (Univ. Montreal, McGill, MGH/Harvard, UCL, Oxford, etc.)

How to apply?
- Send requests to Julien Cohen-Adad (include CV, GitHub link, blogs, grades, references)

Organization University of Montreal
Location Montreal
Title PhD/Postdoc in MRI Data Analysis with or without Deep Learning
Email Address