3-year Assistant Professor or Postdoc of Medical Image Analysis (University of Copenhagen)

Thursday 17th December 2020

Closing date: January 6, 2021

With a base at the University of Copenhagen, you will be part of our interdisciplinary team of researchers from Lund University in Sweden, The Technical University of Denmark in Lyngby, and the University of Copenhagen in Copenhagen. About half of your time, you will develop your research individually and in collaboration with others. In the remainder, you will work with researcher clients, where you will take part in analyzing images and other data across a wide range of scientific disciplines, develops software for internal and external use for this purpose, and arranging focused workshops for users. Our teams also collaborate with experimental scientists directly on joint projects or as consultants.
You will work in close collaboration with Associate Professor Erik Dam (erikddam@di.ku.dk) and Professor Jon Sporring (sporring@di.ku.dk).


Organization University of Copenhagen
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Title 3-year Assistant Professor or Postdoc of Medical Image Analysis
URL https://candidate.hr-manager.net/ApplicationInit.aspx/?cid=1307&departmentId=18970&ProjectId=153201&MediaId=5&SkipAdvertisement=false
Email Address erikdam@di.ku.dk