2 PhD Students in Deep Learning for MIA

Eindhoven University of Technology
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Job Type: 
Full Time
Closing Date: 
Monday, July 31, 2017

The Medical Image Analysis Group (IMAG/e) at Eindhoven University of Technology is looking for candidates for two open PhD positions in  deep learning  for medical image analysis.  The positions are embedded in a large consortium of Dutch medical image analysis and machine learning research groups, university medical centers and industry. The goal of the consortium is to achieve breakthroughs in medical image analysis using deep learning as the underlying technology.

In the course of their work, the PhD students will develop deep learning methods that work with weakly labeled medical image data. The results from this work will make it possible to efficiently use medical expert knowledge, and take advantage of the large amounts of available data in medical image archives. The developed methods will be applied for cancer prognostication from histopathology images and early detection of disease from retina images. The work will be performed in close collaboration with medical (UMC Utrecht, Maastricht UMC) and industry (Philips Research) partners.

Job requirements

Relevant master degree with excellent grades in one of the following fields: biomedical engineering, computer science, mathematics or physics
- Strong interest in image analysis, machine learning or computer vision
- Excellent programming skills
- Good communications skills and fluency in written and spoken English
- Ability and interest to work in a team

The following experience will be considered a significant advantage:
- Participation in machine learning or image analysis challenges
- Contribution to open source projects

For more information please follow the provided link.