Charting the human brain with fMRI

Neurospin, Saclay, France.
Job Type: 
Full Time
Closing Date: 
Thursday, March 30, 2017

Post-doc proposal: Charting the human brain with fMRI
Please find enclosed a post-doc proposal for an original "exhaustive cognitive mapping" performed in the framework of the Human Brain Project.
Duration & salary: 12 months renewable up to 3 years, about 2100 enet monthly
Research teams: Parietal (INRIA Saclay) and Unicog (INSERM), located at Neurospin, Saclay,France.
Responsible: Bertrand Thirion. Contact:
Application: Interested candidate should send CV and motivation letter.
The post-doc will be in charge of setting a set of protocols up and running to pass them on the existing pool of 12 subjects of the Individual Brain Charting project. These protocols will be provided by the community (potentially from in-house developments) are meant to cover a large array of sensory, motor and cognitive processes. The post-doc will take part to the set of acquisitions performed on Neurospin 3T scanner at high resolution (1.5mm) and analyze the data by using a pipeline provided by the lab. Detailed reports will be provided to assess the quality of the data, motivate the participants and document the content of the database. These reports will provide extensive information on the functional organization of the brain in each individual, which will furthermore be confronted to other imaging modalities, e.g. anatomical and functional connectivity. Complex alignment procedures will then be carried out to obtain a population-level mapping that will lead to the first data-based cognitive atlas of the human brain. The data and atlas and analysis material will be released publicly.
See for details.