Engineer position on medInria medical imaging soft

Rennes, France
Job Type: 
Full Time
Closing Date: 
Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Presentation of Inriasoft and medInria

The Inria foundation, through its Inriasoft action, has for objective to provide a structure for the long term development, distribution and transfer of scientific softwares developed at Inria. The support and development of the medInria software, a tool for medical image processing and visualization based on a plugin system, falls into this range. This software, based on a software core and plugins (thanks to the use of the DTK and Qt libraries), allows for the visualization of many medical images formats (2D, 3D, 4D) as well as surfaces, meshes, their registration (linear and non linear), filtering (denoising, bias correction...) or the processing of diffusion images (from model estimation to fibers extraction – tractography).

medInria is the result of numerous years of development inside Inria research teams (teams Athena, Epione, VisAGeS). It is being distributed and used by many of our research partners as well as the scientific community (clinicians and/or researchers) for their research work. Those partners, through the constitution of a consortium directed by Inriasoft, wish to fund its long-term support and development.

Position description

In this context, the objective of the development engineer we are seeking will be to maintain and develop the medInria software for the consortium. Put under the responsibility of the technical manager of Inriasoft, the engineer will perform the development tasks necessary to the software maintenance, distribution and new functionalities.

In the frame of this consortium, his/her missions would consist more precisely in:

  • Receive and evaluate, together with the consortium heads, requests for software evolution coming from the consortium members, suggest solutions and evaluate their feasibility. He/she will therefore be the technical reference for the consortium on the heart of the software,
  • Develop software evolutions according to the consortium wishlist and update medInria to keep it working with dependencies evolution,
  • Provide his/her scientific and technical expertise to maintain and update specific scientific plugins of the software and propose evolutions of these.

He/she will collaborate with engineers from other consortiums lead by Inriasoft, with the goal of mutualizing as much as possible technical developments among the different supported software. His/her technical skills as well as functional comprehension will allow him/her to propose new innovations to improve medInria performance and ease of use.

Experience and technical skills

We are looking for talented and persons very motivated by technical and scientific research and developments. The candidate will need an engineer / master degree or equivalent in computer science, applied mathematics or any field closely related to those. He/she will need an important experience especially in software development. The following competences and qualities will have a particular interest for us:

  • Perfect knowledge of the C++ programming language
  • Experience with one or more of the libraries: VTK (priority), ITK, Qt.
  • Good knowledge of versioning software (Git) and compilation (CMake)
  • Knowledge and experience in medical image processing
  • Good autonomy at the same time as team work abilities

Salary and contract

Position to be filled as soon as possible (minimum six weeks from the first contacts by email). Long term contract (French CDI) inside InriaSoft. Salary determined from the level of experience.
Job localized inside the Beaulieu university campus in Rennes, close to Inria Rennes.


Send a detailed resume (and references) and a letter of motivation by e-mail to one or all of the following email addresses (please use [medinria-position] in the title for easier processing):