Industrial PhD student in AI for image diagnostics

Linkoping, Sweden
Job Type: 
Full Time
Closing Date: 
Saturday, March 31, 2018

Do you want to grow an expertise in Artificial Intelligence to make a difference to actual patients and save lives?

The use of AI methods to assist image-based diagnostics in health care is very promising, but much work is still needed to have an impact in actual routine care. To fulfill the potential of cutting-edge research methods, scientific expertise needs to be matched with clinical prerequisites in an industrial context. 

We are now looking for an Industrial PhD Student to join the Sectra Research department. You will work in a team of scientists and closely collaborate with academic and health care professionals all over the world, as well as with Sectra’s many domain experts.

An industrial PhD combines the best of two worlds. You will have time for diving deep into the very frontier of human knowledge, and in fact to advance it. At the same time you work in the industry as part of a team effort to create real products that are usable. 

Main responsibilities

  • Do research on AI method development in the domain of decision support applications for diagnostic medical data, primarily radiology and pathology images
  • Participate in a PhD student training program at a leading Swedish university, in an environment with other students and researchers in AI (several opportunities available)
  • Contribute to novel, technically advanced, and user-oriented innovations in interaction with Sectra product development to transfer knowledge and prototypes
  • After four years, obtain a PhD degree

About Sectra

Sectra develops and sells IT systems and products for radiology, mammography, pathology and orthopedic departments. More than 1700 hospitals worldwide use Sectra’s systems daily. This makes Sectra one of the world-leading companies within systems for handling digital radiology images. Sectra was founded in 1978 and has its roots in Linköping University in Sweden. Today, Sectra has offices in fifteen countries and in addition operates through partners worldwide.

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