MICCAI 2006 - Copenhagen


  • awarded to T. Vercauteren for the article entitled: Mosaicing of Confocal Microscopic In Vivo Soft Tissue Video Sequences, co-authored by: T. Vercauteren, A. Perchant, X. Pennec, G. Malandain and N. Ayache.


Student Awards

The MICCAI 2006 Student Awards are sponsored by Philips. Five prizes each valued at EUR 400 were awarded in the following categories:

Image segmentation and registration Delphine Nain
Shape-driven 3D Segmentation using Spherical Wavelets
Image analysis Karl Sjöstrand
The Entire Regularization Path for the Support Vector Domain Description
Simulation and Visualization Andrew W. Dowsey
Motion-Compensated MR Valve Imaging with COMB Tag Tracking and Super-Resolution Enhancement
Computer-Assisted Interventions and Robotics Paul M. Novotny
GPU Based Real-time Instrument Tracking with Tree Dimensional Ultrasound
Clincial applications Jian Zhang
A Pilot Study of Robot-Assisted Cochlear Implant Surgery Using Steerable Electrode Arrays