MICCAI 2012 - Nice

MICCAI Society "Enduring Impact Award"

  • awarded to Jerry Prince for:
    • PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, Professor at John's Hopkins University since 1989
    • Associate Director for Research of the Center for Integrated Surgical Systems and Technology, a National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center
    • Significant contributor to MICCAI beginning at the first MICCAI in 1998.  Some of his MICCAI papers were the launch pad for his most influential work
    • Significant roles in other academic meetings and organisations: e.g. IPMI Chair 2009, Williamsburg Virginia
    • Industry/ commercial successes: principal in a company (Diagnosoft) that has FDA approved software for HARP MRI tagging, in use clinically

Medical Image Analysis Best Paper Award

  • awarded to Benoit Scherrer for the article entitled: Super-resolution reconstruction to increase the spatial resolution of diffusion weighted images from orthogonal anisotropic acquisitions, co-authored by: Ali Gholipour and Simon K. Warfield


Best Paper in Computer Assisted Intervention Systems and Medical Robotics

  • awarded to Benjamin Bejar for the article entitled: Surgical Gesture Classification from Video Data, co-authored by Luca Zappella and Rene Vidal


Young Scientist Publication Impact Award

  • awarded to Dr Caroline Brun for the article entitled: A Tensor-Based Morphometry Study of Genetic Influences on Brain Structure using a New Fluid Registration Method, co-authored by N. Lepore, X. Pennec, Y.-Y. Chou, K. McMahon, G.I. de Zubicaray, M. Meredith, M.J. Wright, A.D. Lee, M. Barysheva, A.W. Toga, P.M. Thompson
    • Obtained in 2009 a Ph.D. in Biomedical Physics, University of California, Los Angeles
    • Currently Post Doctoral Fellow, Penn Image Computing and Science Laboratory
    • 13 Journal publications (4 as first author)
    • 11 MICCAI publications (5 as first author)
    • h-index = 18


Student Awards

Hang Su Phase Contrast Image Restoration Via Dictionary Representation of Diffraction Patterns
Eli Gibson Registration accuracy: How good is good enough? A statistical power calculation incorporating image registration uncertainty
Stephanie Marchesseau Cardiac Mechanical Parameter Calibration based on the Unscented Transform
Roland Kwitt Recognition in Ultrasound Videos: Where am I?
Robin Wolz Multi-organ Abdominal CT Segmentation using hierarchically weighted Subject-specific Atlases