Postdoc & Ph.D. positions - BioImage analysis (Turing Centre for Living Systems)

Monday 25th January 2021

Automatic reconstruction of Drosophila average embryonic development at the single-cell scale

The role
We are seeking a highly motivated candidate, strongly interested in interdisciplinary science, to join our group and work on a project at the crossroads between Computer Science and Developmental Biology.
The project aims at developing computational methods and models to better understand how robustness to biological noise is achieved during the development of Drosophila embryos. This will be done by first quantifying and characterising Drosophila embryogenesis variability at the single cell scale.

The successful candidate will be tasked to build statistical representations of the morphogenesis of Drosophila embryos at the single cell scale by combining image analysis, big-data science and data visualisation. To this end, the candidate will first develop novel image and big-data analysis algorithms. These algorithms will be first applied to 3D movies of Drosophila embryos acquired with state-of-the-art light-sheet fluorescence microscopes. The successful candidate will then develop novel algorithms to combine the set of recorded embryos together to build a single-cell scale, in-toto, atlas of Drosophila embryogenesis.

Depending on the advancement of the project and the candidate preferences, the second part of the project will then focus around either integrating complementary single-cell omic data to the atlas or developing machine-learning based methods to analyse, detect and classify cell patterns in the developing embryo.

Computer Science, Image Analysis, Big-data, Developmental Biology, Drosophila Embryogenesis
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Organization Turing Centre for Living Systems
Location Marseille - France
Title Postdoc & Ph.D. positions - BioImage analysis
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