Post-doc Research (Fudan University)

Thursday 4th March 2021


Postdoc @VI Group, Fudan University
复旦大学大数据学院(Visual Intelligence) VI Group博士招聘,

City: Shanghai
Organizational Unit: School of Data Science, Fudan University
Duration: More than 1 year
Language Requirements: English

项目描述: (Description)

One Postdoctoral Fellowship position in medical imaging/analysis and deep learning are available immediately in VI Group, the school of data Science at Fudan University.

复旦大学大数据学院VI 研究组拟立招聘一名医学成像/分析和深度学习博士后职位。 该博士后项目主要针对肝癌等癌症组织病理学图像数据的深度学习模型和图像处理方法进行开发和验证。机器学习和深度学习技术是该项目的核心技术。入选博士后之后需要参与机器学习/深度学习模型的实施和评估,为该领域的新方法和策略的开发做出贡献,适合有兴趣在机器学习和医学图像分析科学交叉领域发展事业的人申请。

This post-doctoral project is mainly aimed at the development and verification of deep learning models and image processing methods for liver cancer and other cancer histopathology image data. Machine learning and deep learning technologies are the core technologies of the project. After being selected as a postdoc, you need to participate in the implementation and evaluation of machine learning/deep learning models, and contribute to the development of new methods and strategies in this field. It is suitable for those who are interested in developing careers in the interdisciplinary field of machine learning and medical image analysis.
Researchers who have successfully received funding from this project will join an interdisciplinary research team and work closely with clinical departments and other national and international research groups.

工作要求: (Requirement)

• 有或预期获得相关学科的博士学位(或同等学历),并对医学研究的定量方面有浓厚的兴趣

• 有相关领域(如机器学习、人工智能、计算机视觉、生物统计学等)的相关知识和研究经验

• 有大规模生物医学数据分析或应用机器学习/深度学习/AI的经验

• 有癌症相关研究或医学图像研究的经验

• 能够作为团队的一部分进行合作,也能够独立完成任务,并且能够在最少的监督下组织和安排自己任务的优先级

• 需要优秀的英语书面和口头交流能力

• 应具备 Python 编程方面的知识和经验,最好还具备常用深度学习框架的工作经验,如 Tensorflow/Keras 或 Pytorch,

• Have or expect to obtain a doctorate degree (or equivalent) in a related discipline, and have a strong interest in the quantitative aspects of medical research

• Have relevant knowledge and research experience in related fields (such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, biostatistics, etc.)

• Experience in large-scale biomedical data analysis or application of machine learning/deep learning/AI

• Experience in cancer-related research or medical image research

• Able to work together as part of a team, complete tasks independently, and be able to organize and prioritize tasks with minimal supervision

• Requires excellent written and oral communication skills in English

• Should have knowledge and experience in Python programming, preferably with work experience in commonly used deep learning frameworks, such as Tensorflow/Keras or Pytorch,

工作条件: (Salary)

We will provide a competitive salary according to the applicant's background, and support the applicant to actively apply for special funding support for postdoctoral students from Shanghai and the nation, as the additional salary. 

申请材料: (Application Material)


• 完整的简历,包括论文答辩日期、论文题目、以前的学术职务、学术职称、现任职务、学术荣誉和学术组织工作
• 完整的学术论述出版清单
• 当前工作总结(不超过一页)

Contains the following documents (English or Chinese are acceptable)

• A complete resume, including the thesis defense date, thesis title, previous academic positions, academic titles, current positions, academic honors and academic organization work
• Complete academic dissertation publication list
• Summary of current work (no more than one page)

联系人: (Contact)
Xiaoyu Nie,
Yanwei Fu,

申请截止日期 : (Deadline)


Organization Fudan University
Location Shanghai
Title Post-doc Research
Email Address