Postdocs, and Research Assistant/Associate professors (ShanghaiTech University)

Sunday 28th March 2021

Medical Image Analysis Positions in ShanghaiTech 

Prof. Dinggang Shen is rebuilding his Image Display, Enhancement and Analysis (IDEA) Lab at the School of Biomedical Engineering (directed by him as a Founding Dean) in ShanghaiTech University. There are multiple medical image analysis positions in this ShanghaiTech IDEA Lab, including Research Assistant / Associate professors, Postdoctoral Research Associates, (Visiting) Graduate Students, and Visiting Scholars. These positions will be devoted to the three major areas as briefed below.

• Neuroimaging and neuroscience. From birth to death, there are numerous questions to answer for human life by revealing critical evidences from neuroimaging data and clinical data. The ShanghaiTech IDEA Lab will develop novel image analysis tools, including image registration, segmentation, and quantification (including individual-based diagnosis / prediction). Efforts will be devoted to analyzing infant brain imaging data, which contributes to understanding normal/abnormal early brain development. Meanwhile, the ageing process, as well as degenerative diseases such as the Alzheimer’s Disease, will also be investigated.

• Cancer-related research. Multi-modal imaging is a crucial tool in cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment planning, and therapy assessment or prognosis. The ShanghaiTech IDEA Lab will focus on breast cancer, prostate cancer, and brain tumor, as well as other cancers. The research directions cover in vivo imaging and multi-modal image based precise diagnosis, radiotherapy planning, guidance, and assessment, as well as interaction to surgeons.

• Next-generation image acquisition. It is fundamentally important to integrate AI-enabled computation tools with next-generation imaging scanners. The ShanghaiTech IDEA Lab will be devoted to inventing novel ways towards fast, efficient, economic, and low-dose scan, e.g., based on current trend in medical image synthesis and multi-modal fusion. The applications include fast MR imaging, low-dose CT imaging, low-dose PET imaging, and image quality enhancement. 

The ShanghaiTech IDEA Lab will be running in cooperation with many clinical collaborators domestically and internationally. It will also conduct close cooperation with industries (including United Imaging), to promote rigorous clinical applications for those new engineering ideas and products.

The successful candidate should have a strong background on Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, or related disciplines. Experience on medical imaging using deep learning is highly desirable. People with machine learning background on medical image analysis are particularly encouraged to apply. Strong knowledge on programming (good command of LINUX, C and C++, scripting, and Python) is desirable.

If interested, please email CV to Prof. Dinggang Shen (


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Title Postdocs, and Research Assistant/Associate professors
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