Software Engineer (Oslo University Hospital)

Friday 9th April 2021

Apply before: 22.04.21

Are you the new member of our dedicated computational radiology machine learning team? We are looking for an aspiring, positive and eager Software Engineer to help us build solid systems within machine learning and medical imaging diagnostics at the Computational Radiology and Artificial Intelligence (CRAI) unit at Oslo University Hospital (OUH). CRAI was established in 2019 as the new machine learning lab initiative located in the Division for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at OUH. We consist of a motivated and dedicated group of individuals with a mixed background, including ML-engineers, physicist, medical professionals, and a mix of Masters- and PhD students. 

Our goal at CRAI is to build, deploy and maintain machine learning models by developing solid systems that can serve clinicians through decision support and automated diagnostics. Being fully integrated in the hospital infrastructure and with close connections to the IT-departments, CRAI has unique access to diagnostics data, domain experts and the opportunity to deploy fully integrated solutions for clinical use.

The vision of CRAI is to become a machine learning laboratory deeply rooted in the hospital with significant in-house knowledge about machine learning research, MLOps and systems engineering applied to medical diagnostics. 

Duties and responsebilities

*Contributing to the developing and maintaining of a medical imaging database

Data modelling

*Writing batch and/or stream based ETL pipelines
*Working with distributive systems
*Contributing to building and maintaining machine learning production systems

*Model deployment


Programming skills:

*Python (strongly preferred)
*Go (awesome if you know it)
*Rust (awesome if you know it)
*C (sure)
*Java/React (sure)


*Cloud native technologies
*ML such as Deep Learning (* if you are bayesian), Boosting and Reinforcement Learning

Work experience:

*1-2 years work experience in a dev team or similar  

Personal qualities

*No task too large or too small
*Be kind to yourself and others
*Team spirit 
*We can offer
*A three-year competitive assignment with possibility of extension 
*The excitement and experience of working in a highly multidisciplinary environment where you will closely interact with medical professionals and researchers from a wide range of disciplines.
*To work at Norway’s largest University Hospital and generate something more important than profit.


Organization Oslo University Hospital
Location Oslo
Title Software Engineer
Email Address