Open PhD position (ICube / University of Strasbourg)

Monday 31st May 2021

Brief description:
In this PhD, we propose to study methods to automatically assist needle insertion for percutaneous surgery. To achieve this, the PhD candidate will work on multi-objective optimization of multiple needle placement, treatment simulation methods, and intraoperative guidance. The objective being to help the interventional radiologist, not only in preparing the intervention preoperatively, but in guiding the insertion intraoperatively as well.

Full description is available here:

Work environment:
The PhD student will be hosted in the Surgical Data Science team of IRCAD Strasbourg for three years, and will benefit from existing software, infrastructure, agile management, support from experts in computer graphics and the possibility of testing the results in a clinical setting. Part of the research time during the thesis will also be spent in the ICube lab of the University of Strasbourg with researchers from the IMAGeS group.
The IRCAD Surgical Data Science team has been researching and developing augmented surgery software for 20 years that is intended to assist surgeons, interventional radiologists and gastroenterologists. The complexity and multiplicity of challenges associated with augmented surgery naturally require a team of suitable size. Consequently, in addition to its collaborations with the University of Strasbourg, the Surgical Data Science team is developing and forging international partnerships thanks to twin IRCAD institutes, and in particular IRCAD Africa, located in Kigali. The growth of the IRCAD Africa Surgical Data Science team has been carefully planned. The team now has 9 members, reaching 40 members within 5 years. To achieve this ambitious goal, IRCAD Africa is supporting the most deserving African computer scientists to receive funding enabling them to complete their doctoral training in Strasbourg. This is in collaboration with the best research teams of the University of Strasbourg. The best post-graduates will then have the opportunity to help lead, mentor and train new talents in IRCAD Africa in a virtuous cycle.

Qualification: Master / Diploma with a technical and scientific background, in Computer Science / Engineering. Strong skills in C++ programming are required. Good communication skills as well as a good level of English are expected. Expertise in computer graphics or computer vision is also expected. Expertise in Numerical methods would be a plus.

To apply: send electronically a resume, a one-page letter of motivation, graduation documents and grades, the Master’s thesis, and names/addresses of at least two references to:
Caroline Essert:
Alexandre Hostettler
Applications will be considered until the position is filled. 

Location of the PhD: Strasbourg, France
Hosting institutes: 
• Research Institute Against Digestive Cancer (IRCAD,
• University of Strasbourg, ICube CNRS lab, IMAGeS group (
PhD advisor: Caroline Essert (
Co-advisor: Alexandre Hostettler (
Starting: as soon as possible
Duration: 3 years
Salary: 1400 € per month


Organization ICube / University of Strasbourg
Location Strasbourg, France
Title Open PhD position
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