Associate Principal AI Scientist, Computational Pathology

Wednesday 16th June 2021

Organization: ASTRAZENECA

 AZ Computational Pathology GmbH - Munich



Be part of fulfilling our ambition to be world leaders in Oncology. We are already the fastest growing team within AstraZeneca and across the industry, and there are countless new indications and targets in our game-changing pipeline. We deliver this value through launch excellence, commercial effectiveness and maximising the lifecycle. By leveraging our commercialised portfolio we are confident we can change the practice of medicine and redefine cancer treatment. We’re brave disruptors – entrepreneurial, courageous and pioneering in our approach. Here you have the opportunity to step up, take personal accountability and lead changes in our ever-evolving environment.

With pace and drive, comes trust that we will get it done. Embrace the freedom to create and expand your horizons. Always backed and supported by pioneering leaders, this is the place to build a world-class career that’s meaningful and rewarding. Here we’re on a journey to becoming digitally-enabled, to discover new ways of offering better solutions to our patients. Join the team with a vision to use data as a tool, to build a better, deeper, more personal understanding of the people we’re helping. To ultimately deliver better outcomes for them – through dynamic omnichannel content, personal relationships and experience.

 What you’ll do 

  • Extract knowledge and insights from image data and other datasets (e.g., genome, proteome, transcriptome) in order to support drug development and biomarker discovery in Early Oncology through a range of data preparation, modelling, analysis and/or visualization techniques.
  • Apply sophisticated expertise in image analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistical modelling and/or applied mathematics to develop and operate innovative data science solutions.
  • Assume technical leadership role in projects or segments of large-scale programs, while applying specialist knowledge in data science.
  • Design and development of image analysis and data science solutions serving the goals of drug development projects, including requirements engineering, development, implementation, deployment and result delivery.
  • Close collaboration with interfacing functions within Early Oncology, such as pathology, translational sciences, software development.
  • Contribute to image analysis and data science algorithm libraries, and enabling tools and components.
  • Effectively engage with the technology development and AI science community within AstraZeneca, and contribute to scientific conferences and journal publications.


  Essential for the role

  • M. Sc. or Ph.D. degree in computer science, mathematics, physics, bioinformatics or comparable degree, with a focus on data analysis by artificial intelligence.
  • Knowledgeable of state-of-the-art image analysis and data science methodologies and technologies.
  • Proven track record of major scientific publications, conference contributions and/or delivered AI solutions in scientific industry projects in the field of machine learning for data analysis.
  • Experienced at working on image analysis methods (using e.g. Python/R) and AI technologies.
  • Applied knowledge on clinical biostatistics e.g. Kaplan Meier analysis, feature selection, cross-validation and multiple testing.
  • Accountability for sub-project management and delivery in a multi-national, multi-disciplinary project in academia or industry.
  • Working experience with analysis of translational science data in the biopharmaceutical industries is beneficial.
  • Scientific excellence and passion to work on innovative ways to data analysis challenges in Early Oncology.
  • Talent to conceptualize, build, communicate and implement novel scientific ideas aligned with the drug development and biomarker strategies.
  • Keeps pace with the latest advances in the field of image analysis and machine learning e.g. weakly supervised learning, semi-supervised learning, generative and adversarial learning, self-supervised learning, attention learning.


Why AstraZeneca?

At AstraZeneca we’re dedicated to being a Great Place to Work. Where you are empowered to push the boundaries of science and unleash your entrepreneurial spirit. There’s no better place to make a difference to medicine, patients and society. An inclusive culture that champions diversity and collaboration, and always committed to lifelong learning, growth and development. We’re on an exciting journey to pioneer the future of healthcare.


So, what’s next?

  • Are you already imagining yourself joining our team? Good, because we can’t wait to hear from you.
  • Are you ready to bring new ideas and fresh thinking to the table? Brilliant! We have one seat available and we hope it’s yours.
  • If you’re curious to know more then please reach out to Louise Bennett


Where can I find out more?

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Closing Date:  06-Jul-2021

Competitive salary package and benefits