(Senior) Machine learning researchers in medical image computing and analytics

Wednesday 22nd September 2021

Organization United Imaging Research Institute of Intelligent Imaging
Location Beijing, China
Title (Senior) Machine learning researchers in medical image computing and analytics
URL https://www.uii-ai.com/
Email Address zhuo.zhou@cri-united-imaging.com
Closing Date Open till Filled
United Imaging Research Institute of Intelligent Imaging is looking for AI talents in medical image computing and analytics. The ideal candidate should be proficient in machine/deep learning and computer vision, preferably with hands-on experience in applying AI methods to medical imaging and medical image analysis. Recent graduates and PhD students who will defend soon are encouraged to apply.
United Imaging Group (UIG) develops and produces a full portfolio of advanced medical products covering the entire process of imaging diagnosis and treatment, and offers innovative medical IT solutions. This job opportunity will allow the successful candidates to work closely with our highly skilled hardware, software, and regulatory teams to explore innovations and build AI solutions for challenging real-world problems. The AI solutions, if successful, will be integrated into UIG products and have the potential to benefit the lives of millions of patients.
Position Responsibilities:
1) Research, design and develop machine/deep learning algorithms for medical image analysis tasks such as computer-aided diagnosis and treatment planning. Perform fast and flexible prototyping and feasibility verifications.
2) Conduct research collaborations with clinical partners. Refine the AI solution based on the analysis of clinical demands and workflows.
3) Conduct in-depth knowledge exchanges within the team, learn new software/hardware and medical knowledge, and explore innovative applications of AI algorithms. Keep up to date with the latest advancements in ML/AI.
4) Publish in top-ranking conferences and journals. File invention disclosures and support patent applications.
Position Requirements:
1) PhD in medical image analysis, machine learning, computer vision, pattern recognition or other related fields. PhD students who will defend soon are also encouraged to apply.
2) Strong programming skills in Python or C++; strong ability to quickly implement and verify algorithm prototypes.
3) Demonstrated understanding of machine/deep learning and computer vision algorithms. Hands-on experience with at least one deep learning framework such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, or Keras, or ML framework such as Scikit-learn. Hands-on experience with image processing tools such as OpenCV or ITK.
4) Outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills.
5) Good English reading and writing skills. Good communication and presentation skills.
6) Refereed publications in top journals and conferences such as TMI, MedIA, TPAMI, IJCV, MICCAI, IPMI, NeurIPS, ICML, CVPR, and ICCV.
Additional Qualifications – not required but nice to have:
1) Understanding of the principles of conventional medical imaging methods, such as CT, MRI and DR.
2) Experience in working with the DICOM standard.
3) Knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.