Research Fellow (Level A/B)

Thursday 21st October 2021

Organization Monash University
Location Melbourne, Australia
Title Research Fellow (Level A/B)
Email Address
Closing Date: 31/Jan/2022
The candidate for this position will work towards implementing a pilot retinopathy/dermatology-based screening and monitoring, and apply artificial intelligence (AI) to ‘mine’ for data from such a program to develop an AI algorithm to predict risk such as CVD. Furthermore, the candidate will evaluate the current CVD status, risk factors, screening history, ethnic- and socio-economic factors in patients referred to CERA/ACEMID using natural language processing (NLP, a fast data extraction method) applied to electronic patient records; compare and validate the existing and mathematical risk-stratification algorithm with a newly developed, improved risk-stratification algorithm based upon the AI analysis. A multidisciplinary approach will be utilised to develop and clinically validate an integrated AI system.