Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Tuesday 30th August 2022

Organization Harvard Medical School
Location Boston
Title Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Email Address
Description The Psychiatry Neuroimaging Laboratory (PNL) at Harvard Medical School (HMS) is requesting applications for a post-doctoral position to develop new deep learning methods to solve inverse problems in MR imaging in general and diffusion MRI in particular. Areas of research that will be the focus of the fellow include, but not limited to: new deep learning methods design, robustness under adversarial attacks, generalizability to arbitrary imaging resolution and acquisition parameters as well as missing data in a multi-modal setting. The fellow will have high visibility with application to very large datasets. The research will also involve solving some of the unknown mysteries of the brain and its connectivity in health and disease.

The position will be at the PNL in the Department of Psychiatry and Radiology. The PNL is housed at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital with access to several CPU and GPU clusters and workstations. The fellow will work in a highly multidisciplinary environment consisting of neuroanatomists, psychiatrists, neuroradiologists, neuro-scientists and computational imaging experts. There is a strong potential for personal and career growth at the PNL with the opportunity to collaborate with peers and experts from other fields.

The candidate will have a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, physics or biomedical engineering with first hand experience developing fast code in any of the programming languages like C/C++ or Python.

Interested candidates, please email with your CV and subject line: Post-doctoral candidate <your name>.

If you are attending MICCAI — drop me a line with your CV and we can setup a time to meet.