Doctoral Fellowship | Advanced detection of myocardial ischaemia using cardiac MRI and deep learning

Saturday 26th November 2022

Organization Centro de Ciências do Mar Algarve (CCMAR)
Location Faro, Portugal
Title Doctoral Fellowship | Advanced detection of myocardial ischaemia using cardiac MRI and deep learning
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Closing date: 12/12/2022
Description: Work Plan, Tasks to perform and objectives:

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. This disease occurs when coronary arteries become narrowed by a build-up of fatty substances within the walls (atherosclerosis), which can reduce the blood flow to the heart (myocardial ischaemia). A complete blockage of an artery can lead to a heart attack. Therefore, diagnosing myocardial ischaemia prior to a heart attack is important. Quantitative perfusion cardiac magnetic resonance (pCMR) is an emerging imaging modality that enables the non-invasive detection of myocardial perfusion anomalies. However, pCMR still suffers from several limitations: low image quality, incomplete heart coverage, sensitivity to cardiac and respiratory motion (patients unable to hold their breath) and presence of dark-rim artefacts, which may be misinterpreted as ischaemia. The aim of this “la Caixa” and FCT funded PhD fellowship is to develop the next generation pCMR to generate high-resolution quantitative images of blood flow with complete heart coverage, without patients having to hold their breath.


Specifically, the fellowship holder will be involved in the following tasks and objectives:

1. Develop pCMR reconstruction and motion correction approaches to enable high-resolution quantitative pCMR, without patients having to hold their breath.

2. Develop artificial intelligence -based approaches to obtain quantitative pCMR images in a fast and reproducible manner.

3. Evaluate methods using simulated, dynamic phantom and patient data.

4. Publish articles in scientific journals and present findings at international conferences.



Scientific Supervisor:

Doctor Teresa Correia, researcher at CCMAR.

Work place:

The project will be developed at CCMAR’s Quantitative Bio-Imaging Lab (equipped with high-performance multi-GPU computers) at the Gambelas Campus in Faro, Portugal and includes secondment opportunities at Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares (Spain), University of Valladolid (Spain), King’s College London (UK) and Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal).

Requirements for the application:

Applicants must meet all the conditions stated below:

MSc degree in Physics, Biomedical Engineering or other related field.
Experience in MATLAB, C/C++ and/or Python.
Fluent in English (Reading, Writing, Speaking)

Non-compliance justifies exclusion from the procedure.