Faculty level scientists, engineers, physicians, surgeons, allied health professionals, students, post-doctoral trainees, and industry scientists with an interest in medical/biomedical image computing and/or computer assisted interventions are invited to join the MICCAI Society.  Students are encouraged to join the MICCAI Society and participate in the annual meeting with reduced fees.

The benefits of MICCAI Society include:

  • Discounted annual MICCAI Conference registration fees
  • Discounted subscriptions to top peer-reviewed journals in the field that are officially affiliated with the MICCAI Society.  Currently, these journals are:
  • Medical Image Analysis
  • International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery
  • Access to journal electronic publications and websites
  • Access to the MICCAI Society Member website. The site includes job postings, early conference information, links to relevant websites, tutorial and educational materials, and other useful information.
  • Eligibility to organize MICCAI sponsored/endorsed events
  • Eligibility to be a member of the MICCAI Board and various MICCAI Committees. While serving on the MICCAI Board, members can be candidates for election to the MICCAI Executive Committee as Society Officers (Secretary, Treasurer, President).

Memberships are payable annually and run from the first day of the current year's conference to the day before the next year's conference. These dates will differ each year depending on the dates of the current conference, but the dates of the upcoming conferences are known at least three years in advance. Members can enroll online at the link below, or at the next annual MICCAI Conference.

The standard MICCAI Society subscription rate is 100 USD for full members (non-students) and 50 USD for students. Note that these fees are offset by the generous discount of the annual conference fee.  To qualify for the reduced fee, students must provide a verifiable certificate or letter from their Head of Department confirming they have formal student status at the time the subscription is paid.

Medical Image Analysis Journal Open Access discount offer for Society members

The Medical Image Analysis (MedIA) journal is part of the Elsevier Society OA discount pilot.  Authors who are current members of the MICCAI Society and wish to open access (OA) their articles are eligible to receive a 20% discount on the Open Access fee for the journal.  The full-price price for OA in MedIA is $3,100 USD; thus, the MICCAI member price is $2,480.  To receive the discount, select an option when you submit your paper.