Board Of Directors

Caroline Essert (President, General Chair 2021)
University of Strasbourg, France
Leo Joskowicz (outgoing President, General Chair 2020)
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
S. Kevin Zhou (Treasurer)
University of Science and Technology of China 
Linwei Wang (Secretary)  
Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
Shuo Li (General Chair 2022)
Case Western Reserve University, United States
Pingkun Yan
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, United States 
Dong Ni
Shenzhen University, China
Nicola Rieke
Le Lu
Johns Hopkins University, USA
Marius Linguraru
Children's National Health System, USA
Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood (General Chair 2023) IBM Research, USA
Stefanie Speidel Technical University of Dresden, Germany
Xiahai Zhuang Fudan University, China
Karim Lekadir (General Chair 2024) University of Barcelona, Spain
Jinah Park (General Chair 2025) Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST), South Korea

Executive members tasks


  • Convene and chair MICCAI Board meetings
  • Coordinate MICCAI Board voting 
  • Prepare and conduct Annual General Assembly
  • Support and coordinate with WGs and SIGs
  • Establish yearly and long-term plans for the MICCAI Society
  • Promote and establish relations with other Societies

 Executive Secretary

  • Coordinate Communications strategy
  • Coordinate annual conference awards, including presentations
  • Coordinate WGs
  • Liaise with MSB


  • Prepare and execute annual MICCAI Society budget
  • Approve payments
  • Support conference organizers
  • Communicate with Professional Conference Organizer (PCO)