Women in MICCAI

WiM 2020 Event (virtual) Oct 6th 2020, 12:30 -14 UTC








WiM 2020 Event's theme this year is "Transitions and Role Models", and it will feature keynote speakers Dr. Lisa Sobierajski Avila, Dr. Veronika Cheplygina and Dr. Julia Schnabel who will talk about the "real" and "less traditional aspects" of their career paths including taking leaps and lessons learned along the way. We will also hold a live panel discussion and a Q&A session with our keynote speakers.

You can find more information about our keynote speakers following the links:

Dr. Lisa Sobierajski Avila: https://www.kitware.com/lisa-avila/
Dr. Veronika Cheplygina: https://veronikach.com/
Dr. Julia Schnabel: https://www.kcl.ac.uk/people/julia-a-schnabel

WiM Event Program for October 6th, 12:30 - 14:00 UTC

12:30 - 12:35 Live: Introduction of WiM board and priorities
12:35 - 12:55 Keynote “Finding Success Outside My Comfort Zone” by Dr. Lisa Sobierajski Avila
12:55 - 13:15 Keynote “How I failed to learn from successful academics: a not-so-supervised approach" by Dr. Veronika Cheplygina
13:15 - 13:35 Keynote “My career - a work in progress” by Dr. Julia Schnabel
13:35 - 13:55 Live panel discussion/Q&A
13:55 - 14:00 Live: Closing


Mission Statement

The mission of the Women in MICCAI (WiM) Committee is to strengthen and widen the representation of female scientists in the MICCAI community by pursuing policies that encourage more female participation in the field and ensure fair and equitable career promotion for female faculty and students - policies that assist in overcoming implicit gender bias within the community. WiM’s activities include: the coordination with the organizers of the annual MICCAI conferences, the organization of networking events within the community particularly at the MICCAI conference on an annual basis, the development and maintenance of online discussion and promotion platforms (e.g. Twitter Facebook, LinkedIn, Googlegroups), and interfacing and advising the MICCAI board on related matters.


The first of a series of informal, hour-long, networking events for female scientists within the community were held at MICCAI 2015 and at ISBI 2016.  Several successful workshops for Women at CVPR and Women in Machine Learning were (WiML) were held recently. Based on the discussions and issues raised at those events, a group of faculty members in the community: (Tal Arbel, Parvin Mousavi, Ipek Oguz, Gozde Unal) proposed to create a “Women in MICCAI (WiM) Committee”. Dr. Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood, Fellow IBM, has joined as an executive member from the industry. The WiM committee was approved by the MICCAI board in October 2016. The founders and our industry member are the current executives of the committee with plans to rotate the positions over time. Membership is open to everyone. 


email: womeninmiccai@gmail.com


Google Groups: wim-board@googlegroups.com 

Board Members


Dr. Islem Rekik (Istanbul Technical University) - WiM President

Dr. Pallavi Tiwari (Case School of Engineering) -  WiM Annual Event Executive 

Dr. Despina Kontos (University of Pennsylvania)MICCAI Board  Liaison Officer 

Dr. Linwei Wang (Rochester Institute of Technology)WiM Election Officer

Dr. Duygu Sarikaya (Gazi University)  - WiM Outreach Officer

Dr. Thi Hoang Ngan Le (University of Arkansas) - WiM Annual Event Executive

Dr. Beatriz Paniagua (Kitware/University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC)) - WiM Advisor


Dr. Islem Rekik (Istanbul Technical University) - WiM President

Dr. Pallavi Tiwari (Case School of Engineering) - WiM Annual Event Executive

Dr. Despina Kontos (University of Pennsylvania) - WiM MICCAI Board Liaison Officer

Dr. Linwei Wang (Rochester Institute of Technology) - WiM Election Officer

Dr. Duygu Sarikaya (University of Rennes 1) - WiM Outreach Officer 

Dr. Thi Hoang Ngan Le (University of Arkansas) - WiM Annual Event Executive

Dr. Ipek Oguz (Vandelbilt University) - WiM Advisor

Dr. Parvin Mousavi (Queen's University) - WiM Advisor

Founding Members

Dr. Tal Arbel (McGill University) - WiM Advisor

Dr. Gozde Unal (Istanbul Technical University) - WiM Advisor

Dr. Parvin Mousavi (Queen's University) - WiM Advisor