MICCAI Board Working Groups


 MICCAI Society Board

Working Groups and Roles for 2023


Work Group (WG)



Executive member



Karim Lekadir

Pingkun Yan

Caroline Essert
Linwei Wang



Caroline Essert

Jinah Park
Shuo Li
Le Lu
Xiahai Zhuang
Karim Lekadir
Marius Linguraru
Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood

Caroline Essert
Kevin Zhou



Xiahai Zhuang

Dong Ni
Stefanie Speidel
Nicola Rieke
Pingkun Yan

Linwei Wang
Kevin Zhou



Stefanie Speidel

Jinah Park
Karim Lekadir

Caroline Essert
Linwei Wang


Career Advancement

Marius Linguraru

Dong Ni
Nicola Rieke

Linwei Wang
Kevin Zhou



Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood

Jinah Park
Le Lu
Stefanie Speidel

Linwei Wang
Kevin Zhou



Le Lu

Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood
Karim Lekadir
Nicola Rieke
Shuo Li
Xiahai Zhuang

Caroline Essert
Kevin Zhou


 MICCAI Office Support

Janette Wallace

  • Board governance
  • Budget management
  • Conference support

Johanne Langford

  • Financial reporting

Kitty Wong

  • Abstract submission

John Baxter

  • Systems support
    • Wild Apricot
    • Conference Management Systems (EG: Pathable)
    • Technical advisor

Diana Cunningham

  • Communications support
  • Newsletter
  • Social media
  • Executive communications
  • Website management
  • Content management

Anna Van Vliet

  • Board minutes
  • E-blasts
  • Website Management - Job Postings
  • Administrative support where needed

The MICCAI Board includes six Working Groups (WG) as described below. Each Board member should either manage one WG or participate in at least two WGs as members.

Working groups

1. MICCAI Communication

Responsible for communicating with the MICCAI Society members.


  • Design, maintain and execute an effective communication WG plan with a goal of building a MICCAI brand, reaching a wider membership and audience, and increasing their engagement
  • Manage MICCAI Society web site: contents, technical issues, look and feel, links.
  • Manage announcements and postings to the MICCAI Society web page and mailings to the MICCAI Society members.
  • Create and manage the MICCAI Society Newsletter

Members: with the participation of the Executive Secretary to provide content and advice and an additional Board member.


2. MICCAI Conference

Responsible for organizing the bid preparation and selection process for the annual MICCAI conference.


  • Design and maintain the conference bidding workflow
  • Manage bids for future annual conferences
  • Update call for bids and bid instructions
  • Communicate and assist bidders with their bids
  • Coordinate with Dekon for budget planning of bid proposals
  • Keep conference manual and peer-review process document up-to-date
  • Manage relations with the proceedings publisher (Springer now) -- current year conference general chair.

Members: includes Board members that were previous conference chairs and future ones.

3. MICCAI Education

Responsible for organizing educational and scientific events other than the annual MICCAI conference throughout the year.


  • Design, maintain and execute an effective education WG plan with a goal of increasing the MICCAI impact
  • Solicit and help organize Winter/Summer schools
  • Organize special virtual seminars, MICCAI Fellow talks, etc.
  • Collect and organize educational materials for MICCAI members: lecture presentation videos, presentations, etc.
  • Reviews requests for MICCAI endorsements of events and conferences
  • Create and maintain relations with other societies: ISBI, IEEE, etc.
  • Maintain relations with Special Interest Group (SIG) representatives.

Members:  Chaired by the chair and include 2 MICCAI Board members and ad-hoc committee members outside the Board. 


4. MICCAI Diversity

Responsible for promoting diversity and inclusiveness in the MICCAI Society.


  • Manage and update of the conference and Society Code of Conduct (CoC) document
  • Manage the Code of Conduct complaints and violations
  • Manage CoC external consultants (professional and safety officers)
  • Manage and update of the document describing the procedure of investigation for CoC violation complaints    
  • Maintains the Code of Conduct document up to date
  • Coordinate and communicate with the Women in MICCAI (WiM) and the future SIG proposed by Islem et al.
  • Promote diversity in the events


5. MICCAI Career Advancement

Responsible for activities related to career advancement of students and early-career MICCAI Society members.


  • Design, maintain and execute an effective career advancement WG plan
  • Coordinate with the MICCAI Student Board (MSB), Women in MICCAI (WiM), MICCAI Diversity, MICCAI Awards
  • Organize activities to promote career advancement, including mentorship
  • Organize and coordinate the MICCAI Startup Village
  • Coordinating NIH funding for students and early-career travel awards.

MICCAI Career Advancement ad-hoc members: Antonio Porras, Islem Rekik

6. MICCAI Clinical

Responsible for fostering and managing relations with clinicians and medical Societies.


  • Design, maintain and execute an effective clinical WG plan 
  • Create links with clinicians and medical Societies (for instance RSNA)
  • Organize events (webinars…) to maintain engagement
  • Promote clinician participation in the conference
  • Help with clinical events at the conference (for instance ClinICCAI, satellite events, clinical sessions, etc.)

7. MICCAI Industry

Responsible for fostering and managing relations with industry and securing support for the MICCAI conference and various events.


  • Design, maintain and execute an effective industry WG plan
  • Create links with industry for sponsoring educational activities and awards
  • Work with MICCAI conference chair of the current year to secure sponsorship of
  • Maintain a list of industry contacts
  • Update the MICCAI conference sponsorship document
  • Create and promote industry-related events throughout the year


Executive members tasks


  • Convene and chair MICCAI Board meetings
  • Coordinate MICCAI Board voting 
  • Prepare and conduct Annual General Assembly
  • Support and coordinate with WGs and SIGs
  • Establish yearly and long-term plans for the MICCAI Society
  • Promote and establish relations with other Societies

 Executive Secretary

  • Coordinate Communications strategy
  • Coordinate annual conference awards, including presentations
  • Coordinate WGs
  • Liaise with MSB


  • Prepare and execute annual MICCAI Society budget
  • Approve payments
  • Support conference organizers
  • Communicate with Professional Conference Organizer (PCO)