MSc/PhD positions in Medical Image Analysis and Image-Guided Interventions

Thursday 26th January 2023

Organization Robarts Research Institute
Location London, Ontario, Canada
Title MSc/PhD positions in Medical Image Analysis and Image-Guided Interventions
Email Address
Description Several graduate student positions (MSc and PhD) are available in the Laboratory for Virtual Augmentation and Simulation for Surgery and Therapy (VASST Lab) at Western University, Canada. The VASST Lab is developing advanced methods for medical imaging analysis, computer vision, mechatronics, and augmented and virtual reality systems, and applying them to image-guided surgical interventions. The clinical applications include, but are not limited to, robotic-assisted neurosurgery and ultrasound-guided focal liver ablation.

We are specifically looking for candidates with strong interests in developing novel deep learning-based quantitative measurements from 3D ultrasound, statistical modelling, and medical devices, leading to clinical translation and validation. The VASST lab is situated within Robarts Research Institute (and next to a research hospital) with direct access to state-of-the-art medical imaging modalities, which gives us access to various unique clinical imaging datasets while providing a direct connection to clinical collaborators and basic science researchers.

Successful candidates will be part of the Biomedical Engineering or Medical Biophysics graduate programs at Western University and need to fulfill the program’s general admission requirements. Ideal candidates are expected to have
- experience in machine learning with modern software frameworks such as PyTorch or MONAI,
- programming skills in Python and 3D Slicer
- solid math education.

If interested, please email a cover letter that briefly describes your motivation and research interests, a CV, transcripts, and recent publications (if available) directly to:

Dr. Elvis C.S. Chen
Assistant Professor / Chair of IEEE EMBS London Chapter
Department of Medical Biophysics and Department of Medical Imaging
Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
Western University, London, Ontario, Canada