Postdoctoral Scholar - Research Associate

Monday 13th November 2023

Contact Email for the Job Posting
Organization University of Southern California
Location Los Angeles, California
Title Postdoctoral Scholar - Research Associate
Closing date Mar 01, 2024
Description This postdoctoral position is broadly focused on Alzheimer’s disease progression modeling and dementia risk factors. The postdoctoral scholar will have the opportunity to analyze neuroimaging data from the LASI-DAD project, a unique, in-depth study of aging and dementia in India. The aim is to understand how various dementia risk factors that LASI-DAD has measured are associated with brain structure, brain function and dementia progression.
Other potential projects include developing and/or applying computational models to understand the spread of Alzheimer’s pathologies (e.g. amyloid plaques or tau tangles) using PET or immunohistochemistry based measures.