Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Neuroimaging, Data Science and AI

Sunday 14th April 2024

Contact Email for the Job Posting
Organization Johns Hopkins University
Location Baltimore, MD, USA
Title Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Neuroimaging, Data Science and AI
Closing date Jun 30, 2024
Description We are inviting applications for a Postdoctoral Research Fellow to join our interdisciplinary team dedicated to advancing clinical research and practice through accessible tools in artificial intelligence (AI) and data science. The post-doc will be involved with the following activities: 1. Development of automated tools for lesion segmentation, quantification, and brain mapping. 2. Generation of computable data objects. 3. Working on synthetic image generation and datasets. 4. Application of artificial intelligence into clinical research, particularly in brain lesion models (e.g., stroke). We are looking for the following qualifications: 1. Ph.D. in Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering, Neuroscience, or related field. 2. Background in machine learning, artificial intelligence, image analysis, and/or medical imaging. 3. Proficiency in programming languages such as Python. 4. Experience with web development and deployment is desirable but not required. The Postdoctoral Fellow will receive mentorship from Dr. Andreia Faria and collaborate with a diverse team of researchers at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Public Health, and Biomedical Engineering. Our team offers expertise in MR physics, MR engineering, image reconstruction, neuroimaging, and neuroscience.