Senior Research Scientist

Monday 22nd April 2024

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Organization UII America, Inc.
Location Burlington, MA
Title Senior Research Scientist
Closing date Sep 30, 2024
Description UII America, Inc., a subsidiary company of Shanghai United Imaging Intelligence Healthcare Co. Ltd. (UII), is building an organization of highly-motivated, talented and skillful AI experts and software developers to strengthen our R&D power and address the need of our innovative products in the USA market. United Imaging Intelligence (UII) is committed to providing AI solutions for medical devices, imaging, and diagnosis – to helping clients better understand and embrace AI. United Imaging Intelligence is led by two world-renown leaders in the AI industry. Together, they will lead UII in focusing on “empowerment” and “win-win.” UII empowers doctors and equipment in order for doctors and hospitals to win, for research institutions to win, and for third-part companies to win. UII America, Inc. is building a world-class research and development team in Burlington, MA.

We are looking for AI researchers to amplify the strength of our R&D team, focusing on Medical Imaging and Healthcare Data Analysis. Ideal candidates will be passionate for navigating through technical challenges and a proven dedication to innovating with new technologies. We value researchers with a track record of resolving complex challenges within the realms of medical imaging or healthcare data, and who thrive in a collaborative R&D environment. Excellence in translating theoretical research into practical, real-world solutions is key. Are you driven by a desire to break new ground in AI research and make significant contributions to advancing healthcare? If so, we invite you to apply and explore the opportunity to impact the future alongside us.

Main Responsibilities:

· Lead the development of groundbreaking AI and Deep Learning algorithms to tackle complex challenges in medical imaging.
· Elevate the performance and efficiency of our AI algorithms and libraries, contributing to the company's leadership in medical AI technology.
· Work closely with a multidisciplinary team, including management, to push the boundaries of what's possible in AI and Deep Learning, driving forward our collective goals.
· Engage in state-of-the-art research, translating theoretical advancements into tangible healthcare solutions with real-world impact.
· Forge and maintain strong relationships with potential customers and clinical partners to understand needs and deliver solutions.
· Contribute to a collaborative and positive team environment, sharing knowledge and fostering innovation.
· Play a pivotal role in shaping the innovative changes redefining the future of healthcare technology.

· PhD in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, or a closely related field.
· At least 5 years of R&D experience in Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
· Deep understanding of AI, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and state-of-the-art image/video processing technologies. Experience with generative AI and 3D computer vision is a plus.
· Strong preference for candidates with a history of addressing medical imaging challenges using AI techniques.
· A proven track record of contributions to the field, including publications in prestigious conferences and journals (e.g., NeurIPS, ICML, CVPR, MICCAI, CVPR, TMI, among others).
· Proficiency in C/C++, Python, and familiarity with major Deep Learning frameworks (e.g., PyTorch, TensorFlow).
· Exceptional problem-solving capabilities, self-driven, with excellent critical thinking and communication skills.