Call to solicit proposals to host the MICCAI conference in 2024

Wednesday 22nd July 2020

Dear MICCAI Society Member,

This is a general CALL TO SOLICIT PROPOSALS to host the MICCAI conference in 2024, which according to the agreed rotation between continents, will be held in Area 2 – Europe and Africa. A map of the Areas can be found here.

Local organizing Chairs and venues are selected by the MICCAI Board of Directors from proposals submitted by its members offering to host a MICCAI Conference.
Deadline for preliminary bid proposals for 2024 is August 24, 2020 with a Notice of Intent available here

Full bid proposals are due October 12.

August 24: Submission of intention to bid.  Preliminary short description of the team, location, and bid. 
August 31:  Feedback on bids
October 12: Submission of full bid proposals 
Mid-end October: Online presentation at MICCAI  Executive Board Meeting

If you are interested in applying, please contact us at We will provide documents which may help you in this process.