MICCAI Board members

Tuesday 1st February 2022

Dear all,

Today is officially the day when MICCAI Board members are rotating. 

It is my great pleasure to welcome our new members who are starting today their 4-year term: Xiahai Zhuang, Fudan University, Shanghai, China, membership-elected, Stefanie Speidel, National Center for Tumor Diseases, Dresden, Germany, Board-elected, and Karim Lekadir, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain, General Chair of MICCAI 2024. New ideas, enthusiasm, and involvement are what the Society needs to remain a lively, fruitful, diverse and welcoming community. We are very happy to welcome you on board, and are very much looking forward to working with you. 

It is also the day that some other members are leaving us, after a well-fulfilled term. I echo Leo’s warmest thanks to Lena for her tremendous work and involvement in pushing the MICCAI Challenges to the next level, to Daniel for a great Miccai 2020 that will remain as a memorable and pioneer edition on several aspects (sincerely hoping that we can bring Miccai to South America for real in the future!) and for pushing the activities towards early career development, to Guoyan for his hard work and active participation to many topics in the Board. And of course last but not least a big thank you to Leo who not only successfully led the Board during particularly challenging times, leaving a Board and Society in such a great shape with so many achievements, but also co-organized the first virtual MICCAI 2020 with Daniel during his term. The Society would not be the same without such an involvement from you all, and we will definitely miss working with you.

Today is also the first day of my term as the new president of the MICCAI Society. It’s a great honour and responsibility, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all again for trusting me to take on this role. With such a great and active team of Board members, exec and admin, I’m confident we’ll do a very good job. I’m looking forward to working with you all!

I’ll be sending you some emails very shortly with the tasks that are expecting us.

Best regards,