Call for nominations to the MICCAI Society Board - Nov 17, 2023

Friday 27th October 2023

Dear MICCAI Society Member:

The MICCAI Society oversees the annual MICCAI Conference and associated workshops series. It is responsible for selecting future conferences and organizing committees; it sponsors and coordinates a number of prizes and an annual Fellow election process; has an active MICCAI Student Board and Women in MICCAI Board; distributes information about jobs, meetings, and summer schools; and is expanding its activities in support of student education and early career advancement activities. The Society is run by a small professional team and an international group of academic volunteers who are called the MICCAI Society Board.

MICCAI Society Board members are appointed to the Board upon election, for a tenure of four years. Board members may serve a maximum of two full terms (eight years), consecutive or not. Of the current  Board, three members are due to rotate off on 1 February 2024: Kevin Zhou (Treasurer), Shuo Li, and Dong Ni. Kevin Zhou has served on the Board five years, of which the last three years as treasurer. We will start a procedure to elect a new Treasurer from and by the current Board members shortly. Since the office of Treasurer has a three-year term, Kevin Zhou may be re-elected. Shuo Li has served on the Board eight years, which is the maximum. Dong Ni has served one four-year term, so he may be nominated for a second term.

We have an annual process to fill three Board vacancies. For the positions that will take effect on 1 February 2024, one is reserved for the 2026 MICCAI Conference chair; at present, the venue of the MICCAI 2026 conference is still unknown. Of the other two Board members, one is elected by the MICCAI Board, the other is elected by open vote from and by the MICCAI membership. This message concerns the latter position.

This email is sent to encourage you to nominate and vote in this important election. Please discuss this with your colleagues over the next few weeks and encourage people to be nominated for Board election (or get people to nominate you).

Board nominees should be experienced faculty members at their institution or senior staff in their company or other organization, should have an international reputation in one or more of the themes of MICCAI, and should have been active participants in MICCAI conferences (i.e., attended most of them in the last 10 years).

Note that nominations for the membership-elected position must satisfy the following rules:

  1. Only active MICCAI Society members can nominate and vote. If you are receiving this invitation to nominate, you are on record as a current active member of the MICCAI Society.
  2. Only current members of the MICCAI Society can be nominated.
  3. In addition to the primary nomination by the nominator, each nominee needs a total of three nomination endorsements from three different institutions. 
  4. Each Society member can nominate only one candidate for this election. 

Please submit your nomination no later than 17 November 2023.

Send your nomination via email to me at and copy our Board Secretariat, Janette Wallace, at

Thank you for engaging in this important process, and for exercising your unique benefit as a MICCAI Society member to participate in nominating and electing members to its Board of Directors.

Max Viergever
MICCAI Honourary Elections Officer