MICCAI 2024: Call for Papers - Health Equity Session

Monday 18th December 2023

We are delighted to announce that the MICCAI 2024 main conference will feature the following sessions:

• Traditional “Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Interventions” sessions;
• “Clinical Translation” sessions, successfully introduced at MICCAI 2023;
• And a newly introduced session on "MICCAI for Health Equity"

Each peer-reviewed and accepted MICCAI 2024 paper will be presented at one of these sessions depending on its focus.

In particular, to celebrate the first MICCAI in Africa, we introduce a "MICCAI for Health Equity" session, which will highlight new approaches and applications that enhance access to healthcare and improve health outcomes for all populations worldwide, across diverse geographical, social, economic, and demographic determinants.

The 2024 edition of “MICCAI for Health Equity” will focus on geographical health equity and global health challenges. Hence, we welcome submissions that contribute new methods and applications that are attuned to diverse healthcare settings, in terms of data, infrastructure, resources, and costs, especially to address challenges in limited-resource settings. Ultimately, this session will showcase how innovation in MIC and CAI can bridge healthcare gaps and offer affordable and high-quality care to under-served populations worldwide.

We encourage paper submissions from all regions of the world, particularly from regions that are under-represented at MICCAI. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
• Innovations in MIC and CAI for limited-resource settings
• Low-cost and point-of-care imaging solutions
• Imaging solutions for vulnerable and under-represented populations
• Telemedicine and mobile health imaging technologies
• Transfer learning solutions for global health
• MIC and CAI solutions for minimally trained healthcare workers
• MIC and CAI solutions for remote and rural regions
• Biomedical image computing for neglected diseases
• Case studies and pilot projects in limited-resource regions

Submission deadlines:

Abstract registration: 22 February 2024
Submission deadline: 7 March 2024
(All times are 23:59 Pacific Time)

We look forward to your submissions and seeing you in Marrakesh.

Karim Lekadir, Julia Schnabel, Marius Linguraru, Qi Dou, Aasa Feragen, Matina Giannarou, Ben Glocker
On behalf of the MICCAI 2024 Organising Committee