Join our next MICCAI Industrial Talk: April 12, 2024

Tuesday 26th March 2024

Join us for the next exciting talk in our MICCAI Industrial Talk Series

Multimodal AI for improving radiology workflows

Date/Time: April 12, 2024 11:00 AM (EST) / 4:00 PM (GMT)
(Attendance is free. Please register in advance using this link)

Presenter: Fernando Pérez-García, Senior Research Machine Learning Engineer, Microsoft Research Health Futures

In this talk, participants will learn about the latest research from the Biomedical Imaging group at Microsoft Research, including:

  • MAIRA: a large multimodal model for radiology report generation from medical images
  • RAD-DINO: an image encoder trained using self-supervised learning without text supervision
  • RadEdit: a framework for stress-testing biomedical vision models using diffusion image editing
About the presenter

Fernando Pérez-García is a senior research machine learning engineer at Microsoft Research Health Futures. His work within the Biomedical Imaging group focuses on translating artificial intelligence research into clinical practice.

Prior to joining Microsoft, he worked at the Centre for Neuroimaging Research of the Paris Brain Institute before moving on to UCL and King’s College London for his PhD in Medical Imaging, where he investigated the potential of artificial intelligence to improve the treatment of epilepsy.

Fernando is a strong supporter of open-source software, and a recurrent contributor to multiple open-source projects.