Childcare Services Available at MICCAI 2024

Wednesday 8th May 2024

The MICCAI Society is consistently striving to enhance inclusion and accessibility for all delegates, including those who are parents or caregivers.

With this goal in mind, we are excited to announce that the MICCAI Society will reimburse childcare costs, utilized during MICCAI 2024 (maximum of $250.00/child) for the first 10 families that apply. For delegates who access childcare services, you will be required to submit receipts for post-conference reimbursement. If this creates a hardship, please contact Janette Wallace, Board Secretariat at

Below, we have outlined some locally recommended options for your review. You are not required to select one of the services below to be eligible for reimbursement, so please use your own discernment. Additionally, options #3 and #4 are enhanced, on-site opportunities to ensure a wonderful MICCAI 2024 experience for families in attendance.

We extend a special thank you to the Women in MICCAI (WIM) for their work on these new initiatives.

Tell us about your childcare needs

Are you planning to attend MICCAI 2024 and are in need of childcare services? If so, please complete this SHORT SURVEY. Your input and information will help us to optimize the service options available. Thank you!

Childcare Options:

1. KIDS CLUB at Palmeraie Rotana Resort
The Kids Club is located on site, behind the hotel, next to the pool. It is imperative that you book in advance to guarantee a spot for your child. Note this service is only available for delegates staying at the resort. Please click this link for more details.

2. Marrak'Child Babysitting Service
Marrak’Child is a local babysitting service run by Clara Defaveri. She was previously based in Marrakesh which allows her to exercise discernment over staffing and location. You will be required to email her directly to sign necessary paperwork and organize payment. As stated above, you will be eligible for reimbursement post-conference, with a maximum of $250.00/child (receipts required). Please visit their website at or email Clara directly at

3. Family Room
In an effort to provide solutions for those who may not feel comfortable leaving their child in care, we have developed the MICCAI 2024 Family Room. The Family Room, located near the conference center, will feature live streaming of the program and other comfort features, and will enable parents to enjoy the three Main Plenary days while caring for their children.

NOTE: This is not a childcare service. A caregiver, who is over the age of 18 must be present at all times. This room will not be staffed and no child should be left unattended. Please ask at the Registration desk for the name of the room and directions.

Also note the MICCAI Society and Dekon staff are not permitted to babysit your children under any circumstances. Additionally, for liability purposes, children will not be permitted in the MICCAI Society office or the Dekon office.

4. MICCAI 2024 Comfort Room
We have reserved a space at the hotel for parents who are nursing or bottle feeding to utilize. We hope to provide a quiet, more private, space to relax and care for infants throughout MICCAI 2024. Please ask the Registration desk for the name of the room and directions. For those parents accessing the Kids Club, the MICCAI 2024 Comfort Room will be conveniently located near the Club.

5. Local Activities
If you’re looking for some exciting things to do with your children, check out Morocmama’s website here.

Additionally, as an enhanced safety measure, the MICCAI Society will also be purchasing limited Apple AirTags for you to borrow should you wish to supplement your child’s supervision. You will be required to return them post-conference and they will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

For further details please contact Janette Wallace, Board Secretariat at or Anna Van Vliet, Marketing Coordinator at

Thank you in advance for being a part of MICCAI 2024! We look forward to ensuring a wonderful experience in Marrakech, Morocco for you and your family.

NOTE: While we have done our very best to identify reputable, local childcare services, the MICCAI Society and MICCAI 2024 Conference Organizers do not provide any formal endorsement or recommendation of these services, nor assumption of responsibility or liability related to the services, nor guarantee regarding the services. Individual participants must accept full responsibility and risk when engaging in local childcare services.