Attend the next MSB Webinar: Industrial Job Offer Negotiation Workshop

Thursday 11th July 2024

The MICCAI Student Board is happy to announce the third event in the MSB Webinar Series, the Industrial Job Offer Negotiation Workshop, a webinar on learning your true market value as an AI Researcher.

MSB Webinar July11 2024

One of the biggest pain points we’ve heard from students and researchers is that the jump from academia to industry can be extremely confusing and daunting. Tech and finance roles are very different from student and professor positions – everything from the work you do, to the pace, to, of course, the compensation. That’s why we’re excited to invite Sameer Siddiqi from Rora – a negotiation & advocacy service for STEM PhDs – to share an exclusive perk about how to know your true market value as an AI Researcher (it’s higher than you think), and secure and advocate for a great career in industry. 

Join us on Thursday, July 11, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM UTC / 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PDT / 12:00 PM - 13:00 PM EDT.

Registration (required) is free and open to everyone.

Some of the topics we'll cover with time for Q&A are:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of compensation in tech (particularly around equity, bonus structures, etc.)
  • Data points for different levels/positions
  • How to get over your fears of negotiating
  • How to decide which company / offer is right for you
  • How to negotiate without counter offers and without knowing "market value"
  • How to respond to pushback from recruiters and other guilt tripping / lowballing / pressure tactics
  • How to avoid having an offer rescinded
  • How to negotiate deadline of an offer
  • Walking through a timeline of the negotiation process for a new offer

So mark your calendars for Thursday, July 11, and join us for this informative session.

About the Speaker:

Sameer Siddiqi is a Lead Negotiator at Rora, which helps individuals understand their market value and supports them during the negotiation process. Sameer has done over 400 negotiations and has been negotiating professionally for over 2 years. For some background, Sameer worked in Venture Capital in North America and multiple start-ups in the Middle East, where he frequently used financial modeling and operational analytics to negotiate equity with investors. Sameer has assisted several clients in increasing their offers by millions as a negotiator. He has also helped more than 250 PhDs negotiate competitive offers in industry – without looking greedy or jeopardizing relationships with the companies they’re joining. 

For a sneak preview on what you can expect from the event, take a look at Rora’s 2023 AI Market Value Report.