At our Special Interest Group (SIG) in Shape Modeling and Analysis in Medical imaging (ShapeSIG) we recognize that three-dimensional shape lies at the core of understanding the physical objects that surround us. With this SIG we want to continue showcasing and supporting the excellent research done by our community on methodology development, applications and software development. 

ShapeSIG wants to support small-scale scientific events associated with shape analysis and modeling. We are happy to endorse events, provide advertisement through the SIG mailing list as well as providing monetary sponsorships that support these events. 

In order to seek support from us at ShapeSIG, we would ask that: 

  1. At least one of the event organizers has to be a member of the SIG
  2. Please send us a 1 page maximum proposal for sponsorship or endorsement, with the following items
    1. The title of the event
    2. List of the organizing committee
    3. Whether or not the organization is also seeking MICCAI endorsement/sponsorship.
    4. Event abstract
    5. Rationale for and details for the support needed; including the advertisement details required from the SIG such as email communications and/or twitter posts

The proposal should be sent to the Shape SIG in MICCAI Board email, shapesig_AT_miccai.org at least 60 days before the event takes place. Please note that this is not exclusive to request MICCAI sponsorship/endorsement, an event can receive endorsement from both.