Excitement builds for Marrakesh

By Julia Schnabel and Karim Lekadir, General Chairs

Screenshot 2024 06 15 at 11.53.28AMAs we count down to MICCAI 2024 in Marrakesh, the anticipation is palpable. This year's conference promises to be a landmark event, bringing together the brightest minds in medical image computing and computer-assisted intervention to share knowledge, forge collaborations, and drive innovation.

Satellite Events

In addition to the main conference program, this year’s MICCAI Conference will see a whopping 93 (!) in-person Satellite Events, giving you a wide range of important and relevant topics to pick from! The workshops, challenges and tutorials are designed to delve deeper into specific topics, foster hands-on learning experiences, and provide valuable networking opportunities. 

Several events have been specifically initiated to reflect the location on the African continent, such as the MICCAI meets Africa Workshop. We’ve also received an unprecedented number of African submissions to our events. Of our 42 Challenges, 10 have either African Organizers or are using African data, making this the highest African participation and the most diverse and inclusive MICCAI.

As another novel feature, the MICCAI Student Board are running their first own workshop called EMERGE, organized by students for students. We hope these new events are the first in a long successful series of future events. 

And you can still actively participate in the Satellite Events! Submit your paper to one of the workshops by 24 June, or take part in a challenge! Take a look at our Satellite Events overview.

Support for African Students Needed

There is a lot of excellent research happening in and coming out of Africa, however due to socio-economic reasons, this research remains largely hidden. We want to help shine a spotlight on African research, and therefore we’re asking for your kind support! We’ve initiated an African Award, which will be granted to Africans affiliated with African institutions who have accepted papers to either the main conference or the Satellite events. These awards will be funded through three sources, and the more we are able to collect, the more researchers we can support. 1. We are excited to have non-commercial organizations support this initiative, 2. We have been collecting donations through the MICCAI Society and 3. Through generous donations as part of the conference registration process. 

If you haven’t yet donated, all three above stated options are available, and we warmly encourage everyone to consider donating. Every Euro/Dollar counts!

So, register today and join us on this exciting journey down the yellow brick road as we shape the future of healthcare technology together. Stay tuned for further updates, and we are looking forward to welcoming you to magical Marrakesh, Morocco for MICCAI 2024!

Julia Schnabel and Karim Lekadir
General Chairs, MICCAI 2024