MICCAI Student Board (MSB) Update

By MICCAI Student Board

The MICCAI Student Board is working hard to help improve the experiences of students within the MICCAI community. A special thanks to our President Naren Akash, Vice President Moritz Fuchs and Executive Officer Anna Zapaishchykova for their significant contributions to every facet of the board's activities.

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MICCAI Student Board Webinar Series

The MICCAI Student Board is proud to run a webinar series, covering a range of topics from academic life tips to career advice. Organized by our Webinar Officer, Weina Jin, our webinar series continues to produce insightful content for students in the MICCAI community. Previous instalments of our webinar series can be found on our YouTube page, including our most recent webinar with Karim Lekadir - the General Chair for MICCAI 2024. Stay tuned for our upcoming webinar instalment involving a panel discussion on the MICCAI Paper Writing/Rebuttal/Review Process planned in April 5, 2024.

Networking Opportunities & Cultural Immersion at MICCAI 2024

This October, the MICCAI conference will be held in Africa for the first time, in the vibrant city of Marrakesh! Our Student Board members Benjamin Killeen, Paul Wilson and Yanis Miracoui are working hard to organize social events that will be held around Marrakesh alongside MICCAI 2024, allowing students to experience the local culture and network with others!

In addition, our Sports Officer Constantin Ulrich is organizing sports activities that will be held in Marrakesh during the conference, offering a fun and active way to connect with peers outside of conference hours! Moreover, our Professional Events Officers, Amin Ranem and Advaith Veturi, are diligently organising events for MICCAI 2024 aimed at enhancing the professional growth of students in the community, including discussions about career opportunities in both academia and industry. The MICCAI Student Board is committed to hosting events that elevate the student experience at the conference, and more details on events held at the conference will be announced soon!

Showcase Your Expertise: The MICCAI Educational Challenge

Preparations are underway for this year’s instalment of the MICCAI Educational competition (MEC), led by our Educational Officers Amar Kumar and Ahmed Nebli. This is a competition to create educational tutorials which can help explain concepts in fields of medical image computing (MIC) and computer-assisted interventions fields (CAI), with a prize for the winning submissions! This competition aims to produce useful educational content for the community, and the submissions from previous years can be found on our website! Stay tuned for more details on this year's challenge!

Stay Connected: Join Our Community Online

To keep up to date on all the developments of the MICCAI Student Board, and to access the educational content and webinars produced by the Student Board, be sure to follow our social media accounts - ran by our PR Officer Harry Anthony! These include our Slack Channel, for networking with others in the MICCAI community, and our YouTube channel, which includes content from our webinar series and our educational challenges.

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