Series Advisory Board

 The MICCAI-Elsevier Book Series from the Elsevier is edited by Alejandro F Frangi (University of Leeds) in collaboration with editorial director Tim Pitts. The following scholars have generously given of their time and expertise to serve on the series’ advisory board:

  • Alejandro F Frangi, University of Leeds, UK, Series Advisory Board Chair 
  • Nicholas Ayache, INRIA, France
  • James S. Duncan, Yale University, US
  • Alejandro F Frangi , University of Leeds, UK
  • Hayit Greenspan:, Tel Aviv University, Israel
  • Pierre Jannin, University of Rennes, France   
  • Anne Martel, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Xavier Pennec:, INRIA, France
  • Terry Peters, Robarts Institute, Canada
  • Daniel Rueckert, Imperial College, UK
  • Milan Sonka, University of Iowa, USA
  • Jay Tian, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
  • Kevin Zhou, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China