There's more that's NEW at MICCAI 2024

There’s no shortage of new ideas at this year’s MICCAI conference. Check out the new initiatives below!

Daytime Guest Program

The MICCAI Society is excited to be launching a new Daytime Guest Program at MICCAI 2024! This specially designed, three-day program will enable guests of delegates to meet fellow guests and explore Marrakesh in a safe and structured program. Tours can accommodate up to 18 guests each day and the cost will depend on the number of attendees.

Our experienced local guide, Youssef Garmah, will take guests on a tour of South Medina (Day 1) and North Medina (Day 2) including the Bahia Palace, Djemaa El Fna and Koutoubia Mosque. On Day 3 guests can shop in the souks and meet some craftsmen in their workshops. The souks in Marrakesh are among the most fascinating in the Maghreb.  

More details, including registration information, will be available here.

Childcare Services Available

The MICCAI Society is pleased to be supporting delegates who are parents and caregivers by offering to reimburse childcare costs, utilized during the conference. The first 10 families who apply will be eligible to receive $250/child to be used towards childcare expenses. Delegates who access childcare services will be required to submit receipts for post-conference reimbursement.

In addition, the conference will have enhanced, on-site opportunities that will appeal to parents and caregivers, such as a Family Room and Comfort Room, to help create a wonderful MICCAI 2024 experience for families in attendance.

Learn more on the conference website. There, you’ll see some locally recommended options to consider, but you are not required to select these care-providers to be reimbursed. Parents and caregivers should use their own judgement when selecting a care-provider. The MICCAI Society and MICCAI 2024 Conference Organizers do not provide formal endorsement or recommendation of these services.

Thank you to the Women in MICCAI (WIM) for their work to spearhead these new childcare initiatives.