Know our Code of Conduct Policy

The MICCAI Society has an established Code of Conduct Policy in place to ensure that all members and participants in MICCAI-sponsored activities can enjoy a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment, free from threatening behaviour such as harassment, violence, bullying and intimidation. Because there have been reports of code of conduct violations received in the past, we want to ensure all participants are aware and understand the importance of adhering to this policy.

What is the Code of Conduct Policy?

Participants are expected to know and abide by the Code of Conduct requirements as a condition of participating in a MICCAI Society event. All participants must behave professionally, ethically and responsibly in all interactions with other MICCAI participants. This includes at conferences and satellite events, formal or informal social activities, at on-site, off-site and virtual locations, in related online communities and on social media. Read the policy to learn about expected standards of behaviour and what is unacceptable behaviour.

The MICCAI Society has put in place a diverse group of Code of Conduct Officers. These respected members of the MICCAI Society act in an unbiased and confidential manner to ensure the Code of Conduct Policy is upheld.

What is the Process?

Any participant who feels harassed can and should, in all confidence and without fear of reprisal, personally report the facts directly to a Code of Conduct Officer. If a participant experiences or witnesses a Code of Conduct violation, there are two actions they can take.

    1. Informal procedure: They can decide to confront the harasser personally or in writing requesting that the unwelcome behaviour is stopped. They may also discuss the situation with a Code of Conduct Officer.
    2. Formal procedure: They can also send a formal, written report to the Code of Conduct Officers by completing the Code of Conduct Incident Report or by email to The report should include:

a. The approximate date and time of the incident

b. The name of the person or persons involved

c. The name of any person or persons who witnessed the incident

d. A full description of what occurred

When a complaint or incident report is received, the Code of Conduct Officers will complete a thorough investigation which includes interviewing both the complainant and the respondent as well as anyone who witnessed the incident. The Code of Conduct Officers provide a summary report, including recommended corrective actions (if applicable, to the Board of Directors. Any corrective action is then determined by the Board. Corrective action could include suspension or termination of membership, denial to attend current or future MICCAI events or revocation of awards or other recognition received from the MICCAI Society.

We are grateful to the volunteers for the commitment and integrity they’ve demonstrated while investigating incidents reported. If you would like to be involved as a Code of Conduct Officer, watch for an email requesting new Code of Conduct Officers who would like to volunteer for this important responsibility.