Best Paper Award and Young Scientist Award

The MICCAI Best Paper Award and the MICCAI Young Scientist Award recognize the highest quality papers published at the main MICCAI conference. Three MICCAI Best Paper Awards and five MICCAI Young Scientist Awards are issued each year. The awardees are honored with a certificate.

The definition of and guidelines for these awards can be found here.

Winners of the Best Paper Award

Alvaro Gonzales-Jiminez, Simone Lionetti, Philipe Gottfrois, Fabian Gröger, Marc Pouly, Alexander Navarini (University of Basel), Robust T-Loss for Medical Image Segmentation

Runners Up
Yuan Bi, Zhongliang Jiang, Ricarda Clarenbach, Reza Ghotbi, Angelos Karlas, Nassir Navab (Technical University of Munich), MI-SegNet: Mutual Information-Based US Segmentation for Unseen Domains Generalization

DongAo Ma, Jiaxuan Pang, Michael Gotway, Jianming Liang (Arizona State University), Ark: Accruing and Reusing Knowledge for Superior and Robust Performance 


Winners of the Young Scientist Award


John Orlando Kalkhof, Anirban Mukhopadhyay (TU Darmstadt), M3D-NCA: Robust 3D Segmentation with Built-in Quality Control

Yu Liu, Gesine Müller, Nassir Navab, Carsten Marr, Jan Huisken, Tingying Peng (Technical University of Munich) BigFUSE: Global Context-Aware Image Fusion in Dual-View Light-Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy with Image Formation Prior

Jan Sellner, Silvia Seidlitz, Alexander Stefan Studier-Fischer, Allessandro Motta, Berkin K Oezdemir, Beat P Müller-Stich, Felix Nickel, Lena Maier-Hein (German Cancer Research Center) Semantic Segmentation of Surgical Hyperspectral Images under Geometrical Domain Shifts

Hooman Vaseli, Ang Nan Gu, S. Neda Ahmadi Amiri, Michael Tsang, Andrea Fung, Nima Kondori, Armin Saadat, Purang Abolmaesumi, Teresa Tsang (University of British Columbia), ProtoASNet: Dynamic Prototypes for Inherently Interpretable and Uncertainty-Aware Aortic Stenosis Classification in Echocardiography

Chen Yang, Kailing Wang, Yuehao Wang, Xiaokang Yang, Wei Shen (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) Neural LerPlane Representations for Fast 4D Reconstruction of Deformable Tissues


Yuehao Wang, Yonghao Long, Siu Hin Fan, Qi Dou (The Chinese University of Hong Kong): Neural Rendering for Stereo 3D Reconstruction of Deformable Tissues in Robotic Surgery

Xi Fang, Daeseung Kim, Xuanang Xu, Tianshu Kuang, Hannah Deng, Joshua Barber, Nathan Lampen, Jaime Gateno, James Xia, Pingkun Yan (Rensselaer Polytechinic Institute): Deep Learning-based Facial Appearance Simulation Driven by Surgically Planned Craniomaxillofacial Bony Movement

Xiaohan Xing, Zhen Chen, Meilu Zhu, Yuenan Hou, Zhifan Gao, Yixuan Yuan (City University of Hong Kong): Discrepancy and Gradient-guided Multi-modal Knowledge Distillation for Pathological Glioma Grading

Yingli Zuo, Yawen Wu, Zixiao Lu, Qi Zhu, Kun Huang, Daoqiang Zhang, Wei Shao (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics): Identify Consistent Imaging Genomic Biomarkers for Characterizing the Survival-associated Interactions between Tumor-infiltrating Lymphocytes and Tumors

Qianhui Men, Clare Teng, Lior Drukker, Aris Papageorghiou, Alison Noble (University of Oxford): Multimodal-GuideNet: Gaze-Probe Bidirectional Guidance in Obstetric Ultrasound Scanning


Camila Gonzalez, Karol Gotkowski, Andreas Bucher, Ricarda Fischbach, Isabel Kaltenborn, Anirban Mukhopadhyay. Detecting when pre-trained nnU-Net models fail silently for Covid-19 lung lesion segmentation.

Changyeop Shin, Hyun Ryu,  Eun-Seo Cho, Young-Gyu Yoon. RLP-Net: Recursive Light Propagation Network for 3-D Virtual Refocusing.

Gia H Ngo, Minh Nguyen, Nancy Chen, Mert Sabuncu. Text2Brain: Synthesis of Brain Activation Maps from Free-form Text Query.

Kun Yuan, Shijian Gao, Won-Sook Lee, Matthew S Holden. Surgical Workflow Anticipation using Instrument Interaction.

Lisa Kausch, Sarina Thomas, Holger Kunze, Tobias Norajitra, André Klein, Jan Siad El Barbari, Maxim Privalov, Sven Vetter, Andreas Mahnken, Lena Maier-Hein, Klaus H. Maier-Hein. C-arm positioning for spinal standard projections in different intra-operative settings.


Katharina Breininger, Marcus Pfister, Markus Kowarschik, Andreas Maier.  Move over there: One-click deformation of preoperative 3D information to intraoperative X-ray during endovascular aortic repair 

Pramit Saha, Yadong Liu, Bryan Gick, Sidney Fels. Ultra2Speech - A Deep Learning Framework for Formant Frequency Estimation and Tracking from Ultrasound Tongue Images 

Lu Zhang, Li Wang, Dajiang ZhuRecovering Brain Structural Connectivity from Functional Connectivity via Multi-GCN based Generative Adversarial Network 

Nils Eckstein, Julia Buhmann, Matthew Cook, Jan Funke. Microtubule Tracking in Electron Microscopy Volumes   


Vianney Debavelaere, Alexandre Bône, Stanley Durrleman, Stéphanie Allassonnière. Clustering of longitudinal shape data sets using mixture of separate or branching trajectories

Yufan He, Aaron Carass, Yihao Liu, Bruno Jedynak, Sharon Solomon, Shiv Saidha, Peter Calabresi, Jerry Prince. Fully convolutional boundary regression for retina OCT segmentation

Thomas Kurmann, Pablo Márquez Neila, Sebastian Wolf, Raphael Sznitman. Deep Multi Label Classification in Affine Subspaces

Wei Shao, Tongxin Wang, Zhi Huang, Jun Cheng, Zhi Han, Daoqiang Zhang, Kun Huang. Diagnosis-guided multi-modal feature selection for prognosis prediction of lung squamous cell carcinoma

Zongwei Zhou, Vatsal Sodha, Md Mahfuzur Rahman Siddiquee, Ruibin Feng, Nima Tajbakhsh, Michael Gotway, Jianming Liang. Models Genesis: Generic Autodidactic Models for 3D Medical Image Analysis


Erik J. Bekkers
Roto-Translation Covariant Convolutional Networks for Medical Image Analysis

Bastian Bier
X-ray-transform Invariant Anatomical Landmark Detection for Pelvic Trauma Surgery

Yuanhan Mo
The Deep Poincaré Map: A Novel Approach for Left Ventricle Segmentation

Tanya Nair
Exploring Uncertainty Measures in Deep Networks for Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Detection and Segmentation

Yue Zhang
Task Driven Generative Modeling for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation: Application to X-ray Image Segmentation


Florin-Cristian Ghesu
Robust Multi-Scale Anatomical Landmark Detection in Incomplete 3D-CT Data

Sasan Matinfar
Surgical Soundtracks: towards automatic musical augmentation of surgical procedures

Mehraveh Salehi
A Submodular Approach to Create Individualized Parcellations of the Human Brain

Ryutaro Tanno
Bayesian Image Quality Transfer with CNNs: Exploring Uncertainty in dMRI Super-Resolution

Wufeng Xue
Full Quantification of Left Ventricle via Deep Multitask Learning Network Respecting Intra- and Inter-Task Relatedness


Xiaohuan Cao
Learning-based Multimodal Image Registration for Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy

Dogu Baran Aydogan
Probabilistic Tractography for Topographically Organized Connectomes

Amir Jamaludin
SpineNet: Automatically Pinpointing Classification Evidence in Spinal MRIs

Daniel Moyer
A Continuous Model of Cortical Connectivity

Benjamín Gutiérrez-Becker
Learning Optimization Updates for Multimodal Registration

Student Best Paper Awards (prior award)


Nicola Rieke
Surgical Tool Tracking with Pose Estimation in retinal Microsurgery

Mattieu Le
GPSSI: Gaussian Process for Sampling Segmentations of Images

Soheil Hor
Scandent Tree: A Random Forest Learning Method for Incomplete Multimodal Datasets

Menglin Jiang
Joint Kernel-Based Supervised Hashing for Scalable Histological Image Analysis


Alborz Amir-Khalili
Auto Localization and Segmentation of Occluded Vessels in Robot-Assisted Partial Nephrectomy

Philip Edgcumbe
Pico Lantern: A Pick-up Projector for Augmented Reality in Laparoscopic Surgery

Yi Hong
Depth-based Shape Analysis

Maxime Taquet
A Fully Bayesian Inference Framework for Population Studies of the Brain Microstructure

Miaomiao Zhang
Bayesian Principal Geodesic Analysis in Diffeomorphic Image Registration


Juliane Dinse
A histology-based model of quantitative T1 contrast for in-vivo cortical parcellation of high-resolution 7 Tesla brain MR images

Darko Zikic
Atlas encoding by randomized forests for efficient label propagation

Bartolomiej Papiez
Complex lung motion estimation via adaptive bilateral filtering of the deformation field

Oliver Zettinig
Fast data-driven calibration of a cardiacelectrophysiology model from images and ECG

Ivor Simpson
A Bayesian approach for spatially adaptive regularization on non-rigid registration


Hang Su
Phase Contrast Image Restoration Via Dictionary Representation of Diffraction Patterns

Eli Gibson
Registration accuracy: How good is good enough? A statistical power calculation incorporating image registration uncertainty

Stephanie Marchesseau
Cardiac Mechanical Parameter Calibration based on the Unscented Transform

Roland Kwitt
Recognition in Ultrasound Videos: Where am I?

Robin Wolz
Multi-organ Abdominal CT Segmentation using hierarchically weighted Subject-specific Atlases


Mattias Heinrich
Non-local Shape Descriptor: A New Similarity Metric for Deformable Multi-modal Registration

T Mansi
Towards Patient-Specific Finite-Element Simulation of Mitral Clip Procedure

Siyang Zuo
Nonmetalic Rigid-Flexible Outer Sheath with Pneumatic Shapelocking Mechanism and Double Curvature Structure

Christof Seiler
Geometry-Aware Multiscale Image Registration Via OBBTree-Based Polyaffine Log-Demons

Ting Chen
Mixture of Segmenters with Discriminative Spatial regularization and sparse Weight Selection


Ehsan Dehghan
Prostate brachytherapy seed reconstruction using C-Arm rotation measurement and motion compensation

Junzhou Huang
Efficient MR Image Reconstruction for Compressed MR Imaging

Saša Grbić
Complete Valvular Heart Apparatus Model from 4D Cardiac CT

Rémi Cuingnet
Spatially Regularized SVM for the Detection of Brain Areas Associated with Stroke Outcome

Anthony  Sherbondy
MicroTrack: An Algorithm for Concurrent Projectome and Microstructure Estimation


Lejing Wang
Parallax-Free Long Bone X-ray Image Stitching

Yiyi Wei
Toward Real-Time Simulation of Blood-Coil Interaction during Aneurysm Embolization

Christopher Rohkohl
Interventional 4-D Motion Estimation and Reconstruction of Cardiac Vasculature without Motion

Tammy Riklin Raviv
Joint Segmentation of Image Ensembles via Latent Atlases

Peter Savadjiev
Local White Matter Geometry Indices from Diffusion Tensor Gradients


Gert Schoonenberg
The Effect of Automated Marker Detection on In Vivo Volumetric Stent Reconstruction

Vicky Wang
Passive Ventricular Mechanics Modelling Using Cardiac MR Imaging of Structure and Function

SImon Rit
On-the-fly motion-compensated cone-beam CT using an a priori motion model

William Greene
A Constrained Non-Rigid Registration Algorithm for use in Prostate Image-Guided Radiotherapy

Benoit Scherrer
Fully Bayesian Joint Model for MR brain scan tissue and subcortical structure segmentation

Stanley Durrleman
Sparse Approximation of Currents for Statistics on Curves and Surfaces


Boon Thye Thomas Yeo
Effects of Registration Regularization and Atlas Sharpness on Segmentation Accuracy

Stephan Tuchschmid
Modelling Intravasation of Liquid Distension Media in Surgical Simulators

Irina Waechter
Quantification of Blood Flow from Rotational Angiography

Wolfgang Wein
Simulation and Fully Automatic Multimodal Registration of Medical Ultrasound

Kang Li
Cell Population Tracking and Lineage Construction with Spatiotemporal Context

Wael Bachta
Cardiolock : an active cardiac stabilizer - First in vivo experiments using a new robotized device

Brian Avants
Multivariate Normalization with Symmetric Diffeomorphisms for Multivariate Studies


Delphine Nain
Shape-driven 3D Segmentation using Spherical Wavelets

Karl Sjöstrand
The Entire Regularization Path for the Support Vector Domain Description

Andrew Dowsey
Motion-Compensated MR Valve Imaging with COMB Tag Tracking and Super-Resolution Enhancement

Paul Novotny
GPU Based Real-time Instrument Tracking with Tree Dimensional Ultrasound

Jian Zhang
A Pilot Study of Robot-Assisted Cochlear Implant Surgery Using Steerable Electrode Arrays


Pingkun Yan
MRA Image Segmentation with Capillary Active Contour

Ashraf Mohamed
Deformable Registration of Brain Tumor Images via a Statistical Model of Tumor Induced Deformation

Henry Lin
Automatic Detection and Segmentation of Robot Assisted Surgical Motions

Peter Savadjiev
3D Curve Inference for Diffusion MRI Regularization

Srinivasan Rajagopalan
Schwarz Meets Schwann: Design and Fabrication of Biomorphic Tissue Engineering Scafolds