MICCAI Outstanding Area Chair Award

Each MICCAI Conference, Program Chairs recognize the exceptional work of three Area Chairs with the Outstanding Area Chair Award.  Recipients are Area Chairs who have done an outstanding job to:

  • promptly complete all of their tasks on time,
  • pro-actively shepherded the review process,
  • worked with their reviewers to ensure a high quality of reviews,
  • meticulously provided detailed and constructive metareviews to each paper under their purview, and
  • actively initiated and participated in the post-rebuttal discussion with the reviewers and fellow Area Chairs.

The recipients of MICCAI Outstanding Area Chair Award are provided free registration to attend the MICCAI Conference.



Mingxia Liu, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Matthias Wilms, University of Calgary, Canada
Veronika Zimmer, Technical University Munich, Germany



Tolga Tasdizen, University of Utah, United States
Yanwu Xu, Baidu Inc., China
Ester Bonmati, University College London and University of Westminster, United Kingdom