2010 MICCAI Fellows

The 2010 MICCAI Society Fellows election process consisted of Fellows nominating and then voting for candidates with the top 3 candidates with most votes recommended for election. The recommendations of the Fellows were then ratified by the MICCAI Society Board (Board members with any conflict of interest did not vote). The Fellows Elections officer for 2010 was Alison Noble (University of Oxford, UK).

James S Duncan (Yale University, USA):

for outstanding scientific contributions to biomedical image analysis, and active promotion of the field through conference organization, journal editorialship and exceptional service to the MICCAI Society.


Stephen M Pizer (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA):

for lifelong commitment to advance medical image computing, particularly methodologies for shape statistics and image analysis, and efforts to transfer image technology to the clinic including research that led to the spin-off company Morphormics Inc.


Jocelyne Troccaz (TIMC, France):

for scientific contributions to computer-aided surgery and medical robotics and for promotion of the field through involvement in the MICCAI Society and related professional societies.